Ticats have reportedly signed an Australia punter

According a source, the Ticats have signed Australian punter Josh Bartel.

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2012/04/the-ticats-have-reportedly-signed-an-australia-punter-and-why-they-did-it.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2012/ ... id-it.html[/url]

All right, another non-import punter on the roster. Yup, because an Australian who has never lived in Canada counts as a non-import.

What's wrong with this picture? Fortunately, it really only applies to kickers, as it's pretty much the only skill that translates directly from other sports, in particular soccer and rugby, to our brand of football. (Time to make another post on the Import Rule thread again....)

Anyway, the rule is what it is, so welcome to Canada. With any luck at all, he can fill half of the gap the Medlock left when he headed south, the half that was still not quite filled by either Congi or Maveety.

What's wrong with the picture is that the depth of non-import Canadian football talent is so shallow that people who have no history even playing the sport are considered more suitable for the job than non-imports.

If we can find ways to give non-imports better training, better tools, etc. before they're of CFL age, then we won't have to concern ourselves about stuff like this. It seems to me, though, that most CFL fans prefer to devote their creative energies to finding clever rules to prevent the more talented imports from playing on CFL teams, rather than finding ways to ensure that the non-imports are more talented.

Well, they're a Commonwealth country, that's close enough, right... :cowboy:

Methinks this loophole should be closed soon though.

It's not a loophole. It is simply recognition of our virewpoint regarding imports.

Rightly or wrongly, the CFL regards as an import any player who has who has been trained and played in the U.S. football factory. Argue with his attitude if you like. But, the Aussie should be welcomed as one of us.

I must agree with you, Wilf. Your terminology, "US Football Factory," says it all.

I replied to this comment in the Import Rule thread, saying that it is in fact a loophole and why.


Don't get me wrong, though. If he makes the team, I'll be cheering him on big time. Did Drew's article say which sport he played in Australia? I'm hoping rugby, as that would indicate that he knows how to tackle and won't be afraid to nail a returner or two a la Eric Wilbur.

This article, via Drew, says he played Aussie rules football.

[url=http://www.bordermail.com.au/news/local/sport/football-australian-rules/josh-bartel-quits-wodonga-to-pursue-nfl-dream/1869379.aspx]http://www.bordermail.com.au/news/local ... 69379.aspx[/url]

So do we nickname him "The Punter from Down Under"

Or Ozzie (Aussie) II?

There are a couple off Aussies kicking in the NFL. I cn't remember what teams, someone here might know. If I recall they were pretty good. Both can change their punting style with a different drop and put a back spin on the ball. Good when kicking from close in, stops ball from going in endzone. Might come in handy.

I watched the video clip on Drew's blog on Bartel. His hangtimes were excellent (5 seconds at times, anyone?) and his average punts between the hashes were 45 yards and up, often exceeding 50 yards. His directional punting looks solid as well.


I think the clip shows that he is an intriguing candidate. Let's see how he fares in camp with real blockers coming at him!

Oski Wee Wee,


Darren Bennett was the most famous one. He made the Pro Bowl a couple of times with the Chargers.

Theres also Ben Graham (punter for the lions), Sav Rocca (punter for the redskins), Matt McBriar (former punter for americas team), and free agent Jy Bond who all hail from horsetralia to name a few. They popularized end over end punting in the no fun league as the ball has a tendency to bounce backwards after it hits the ground, as mentioned by DaveyP.

Matelot said that, not me. Don't want to steal the credit!

Whoa, I need to learn how to read more efficiently! :lol: