Ticats have grown to 3rd in Merchandise sales !!


Five years ago, we actually lost money on merchandise, and this past year saw just over $1.3 million in gross sales in merchandise, which was number three in the league. Again, that growth is indicative of everything throughout the whole franchise – we’ve nearly doubled our paid season seat holders over the last four years, and I think that those numbers, combined with our new fans in 2013, give us a tremendous amount of optimism moving forward.

The stadium is being built right now, it will be completed on-time on June 1st, and I think everybody has seen some great pictures of that facility. It’s going to be a great setting and provide a lot of excitement for our players, our team and our fans. Around 80 per cent of our (2012) season seat holders will make it to multiple games in Guelph, around 60% of our season seat holders have renewed for this season or will have flex packs in 2013, and, of course, the people up in Guelph, of Kitchener/Waterloo, along the corridor and along the 401, the reaction has been tremendous, and we’ll have anywhere from 2500 to 5000 regional fans from up in that area for every game in Guelph.

That’s a culmination of all of our regional efforts, as many of you know, we are a regional team – 50 per cent of our fan base and our revenue comes from outside of Hamilton, and I think if you look at the multiple events we’ve held over the past few years in places like Niagara Falls, St. Catharine’s, Grimsby, London, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Brantford, Burlington and of course, in Guelph, coach Austin gave a great speech up in Stratford recently – and I think that speaks to the regional nature of our team and our franchise.

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Having passionate fans buying bottle Ticat bottle coozies, bandanna's, and annual scarfs supporting Wellspring Cancer Resource Centre didn't hurt... :wink: CFL Fans Fight Cancer is happy to help. :rockin:
Sorry, had to shamelessly promote our efforts and remind everyone that the Ticats and CFL Fan's Fight Cancer are supporting Wellspring again this year with a Ticat seat cushion sale on July 13th and our annual collector scarf sale in October!
Here's to setting more records, getting the Ticat brand out and supporting those people fighting cancer in Greater Hamilton Area!
Go Cats Go!

Who's first and second?

Everyone knows the Rider’s are first. Second I would hazard to be Toronto only because of the 100th Grey Cup, but also because of how many in Toronto jumped onto the bandwagon of having a team that can actually make it to the championship.

IIRC, Saskatchewan is first by a country mile.

As for who's second...dunno

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from 2012

About 70 per cent of all CFL merchandise sold is for the Saskatchewan Roughriders
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