Ticats have brought in some good young talent

The Ticats have signed some pretty good
Imports this year. It will be very tough for any of them to crack the lineup even as a backup as we are stacked at most positions and have solid depth at most positions
I have already posted on the solid Nationals we drafted and great CFL veteran signings in Levels, Posey, Dean , Hedman-Reed and Q. Ford.
Here are the CFL import rookies that look quite good.

  1. Ronheen Bingham DE Arkansas State
    He was ranked as one of the top rush ends going into the 2019 NFL Draft. He was coming of a serious leg injury and also lost some weight , so he went undrafted. Arkansas State is not a big time school so that likely hurt him as well.
    His competition is Mauldin and Howsare or he could play the other End if J'Gared Davis doesn't sign next year.
  1. Kyle Wilson LB ( WIL / MIKE) Arkansas State
    This guy was the captain on Defence and looks very well suited for the CFL at either position ( His competition is Chris Frey and T. Beverette )
  1. Jeff Allison LB ( WIL/ MIKE) Fresno State
    Coach O knows this guy from coaching him at Fresno. He will be competing with Kyle Wilson and the others LB's mentioned so far.
    Jeffrey Allison AKA #9Reasons Highlight - YouTube

4.Isaiah Burse WR Fresno State
Has spent a lot of time on NFL rosters and was used as a kick returner as well.
( Competition is Marcus Tucker and Jalin Marshall )

  1. Steven Dunbar JR WR Houston.
    Tall receiver who had an exceptional college career at Houston. Ticats could use a tall receiver ( Main competition is
    Sumpter )
  1. Branden Oliver RB Buffalo
    Short stalky hard runner 5:8.
    He has had a lot of NFL game time mostly with San Diego. He played in the Alliance league as well and had over 4,000 yards rushing in College at Buffalo
    ( His main competition is EX Stamp Don Jackson and Ellis thus far)

NFL Highlights

College Highlights:

  1. Channing Stribling CB Michigan
    A tall thick DB who can tackle and cover.
    Comes from one of the top US College teams and has bounced around the NFL and played in the Aliiance Football league.
    ( could be backup to Breaux and Brooks)

It would appear that these guys all will be in tough to make the roster due to stiff competition in the incumbants.
Injuries, trades or ratio change to import at running back and/ or all import receivers could helo their chances.
I can see Bingham beating out Howsare or Mauldin and Oliver should have a 50/50 chance versus Don Jackson.
Wilson won't beat out Frey but could beat out Beverette.
I can see them keeping Stribling on the practice roster and Burse able to return kicks may help his cause. Allison is in pretty tough at LB and Dunbar JR has a shot at the practice roster if he outplays Sumpter as I am sure they want at least one tall receiver around.
Note: One factor to consider is that all rookie salaries are now a minimum of 65k over the previous 50k.
This will hurt rookies a bit as their starting salary for 2 years won't be much less than players exiting their 2 first years. So next year guys like Frey, Beverette, Jalin Marshall, Marcus Tucker, Sympter and Mauldin have a better chance of sticking as their salary won't go that much higher than the league minimum of 65k unless they become a starter this year and perform very well.

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Since the 2020 season probably won't happen...

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quit starting nasty unfounded rumours

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Nasty founded rumours are far superior.

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