Ticats have a home field playoff

Thank you Ottawa. Ticats now have a home field playoff regardless of what happens tomorrow.


While that is awesome, I was looking forward to a meaningful game tomorrow!
I guess Evans will start now.

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A big thank you to the redblacks. Still looking forward to a win tomorrow. Should be able to rest the wounded and get in some valuable time for others.

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I think tomorrow's game will be more meaningful than you think. Players will be vying for their shot at being part of the playoff team. Should be interesting.

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I’d still say Masoli starts for at least the first half. And if the offence doesn’t get rolling, could see them giving him the third as well.

I agree there is an importance in winning this after the way they shit the bed against the Argo’s. Got to get some confidence back.


I’d agree if Sask cared.
They’re not bringing their real team, both teams would rather mail it in.

Considering the injuries we’ve been through this season there’s a few players that shouldn’t see the field.

There’s nothing you’re gonna figure out against Sasks preseason squad.

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I get what your saying but I still believe any win we get is still a motivation factor for the guys.


If this team needs a garbage win against Sask to motivate them it’s worse than I thought.

The only motivation this team needs is to look in the damn mirror and watch that Toronto film again.


Totally agree. I can see us beating the sloppy Als in the ESF, so we’re back at BMO field again for the final. We’d better spend many waking hours watching those films!


There’s been a bunch of games this year we needed help from another team, namely in beating Toronto to keep us close.

This is the first one where we got the result we needed.

Thank you Ottawa!

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Big Ted could use a rest. He’s battled knee issues all season and usually only practices heavily in one out of the three prep days. Others will probably get yanked after a quarter or half. Wouldn’t mind seeing guys like Cross at SAM in place of Kelly and sub in Mason Bennett at de for Davis and Howsare. Maybe pull Tim White in second half and get Papi in there.

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How much help did Winnipeg need this year? Why don’t we have that standard?

We needed help from Ottawa and BC to beat Toronto cause we couldn’t do it? Three (3) times.

The only team responsible for us not hosting the East final is the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Can they recover from it? Guess we’ll see.

But one more loss before the Grey Cup and you can look no further than 2 home choke jobs in consecutive 4th quarters for the reason why. And that’s on every single one of them.


Not so sure.the Al’s rested the top back in the league.sat they’re best reciever and have a qb that plays the short game.our secondaries weakness

I agree, some years you get to be the top dog and write your own ticket, other years you need help from other teams.

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And some years you sit back, save your cash, do nothing and hope.

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Possibly. But we have been good at containing Stanback in earlier games, and in my humble opinion, our DBs are excellent (especially if we get Frankie back) - and as long as Coach Washington realizes this shortcoming in his plans and makes changes…

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Here’s hoping

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Als will be a tight game no matter what. They started a bit of a run against us in the comeback win when people were writing them off. This loss might deflate them but I’d bet it has the opposite effect.

I don't know about anyone else, but I can hear many faint voices in the wind from the East saying something like.... "merde" or maybe it was "tabernac"... :roll_eyes: