TiCats Grey Cup 2021!

I’d refer you to the season ticket drive of the 90s and again, when balsille tried.

I’d also suggest you look at historical attendance numbers for the AHL Bulldogs vs. The Marlies for an apple to Apple’s comparison.

My thought is thatcTo v Buf would be the natural neutral site. It is billed after all as the “Heritage” classic.

As for a team in the Hammer…never happen although there are millions of hockey mad Cdns and corporations in the area from St. Catherines along the Lake Erie shore to the London area up the Bruce down thru KW and Guelph that fond it a much easier drive to the Hammer.

But those fans aren’t going to drive to Hamilton to watch the Steelers v blue jackets on a Thursday night for a hundred bucks a pop. Simple as that.

The attendance numbers are terrible in Hamilton. That’s why the AHL moved out of town and that was with affordable, competitive teams. Wait till they have an expensive, expansion team! The Bulldogs average about 4000 a night. At a 100 bucks a seat that only pays one player that night. Average game pay per night in the NHL is about 36,000.

Again, I refer you to my previous comment.

I’ll go a step further, the AHL Bulldogs had better attendance then the Marlies for the majority of time the AHL was is both cities. Applying your reasoning, toronto shouldn’t be able to support an NHL team

Nevermind the fact Hamilton sold out NHL season ticket deposits the two opportunities they had to do so. Or the fact Betteman himself admitted in court Hamilton would be the NHLs 4th richest market.

But nah, I guess we’ll go with your tired old cliches on the topic :slight_smile:

Joey Coleman?
9m9 minutes ago
The #Ticats and CFL will speak in front of City Council next Wednesday to pitch a Grey Cup bid. @CaretakerBob will delegate at 9:30am on Weds. #HamOnt

Joey Coleman?
5m5 minutes ago
This is unbelievable.
#HamOnt City Council is planning to debate a Grey Cup bid behind closed doors, claiming the cost to taxpayers of hosting a Grey Cup is a “trade secret”, and the public has no right to know the reasons for or against a bid.

This is what you get when the pathetic sheep of Hamilton continue to elect the same morons that run this city.

ps: I know morons in politics - I live in Ottawa now…

“Morons in politics” - some might consider that a redundancy?

The fact that Hamilton hasn’t hosted a cup since 1996 should be the only reason anyone needs to give it to the Hammer.

One cup in 48 years.

So lets say we have 2500 hotel rooms in the Hammer and each are booked for GC at 250 per night for 4 nigjts.Economic impact 2.5m?
And lets say each guest(5000) spends 2000 on food and whatever while in town. Ecomonic impact another 10m?

Lets see the commish spin a tale where the GC will bring tens of millions to the city.

Pie in the sky

And speaking of the commish I think he is courting disaster by not taking care of the CBA. He is worried about Mexico ??? while players dont get their bonuses, attendance is down and the league has competition for its players. RANDY get to work!!!

Teams will also travel to the city with all their staff. Media will be there all week as well. The league and all the teams will host events which will be catered and staffed, in paid venues. Companies will buys ads on local billboards and TV/radio/newspapers.

There will be more shifts for security guards, servers, bartenders, chefs, bus drivers, taxi/Uber drivers, technical crews, event staff, retail staff, stadium (game-day) staff, police, and others. That means they all bring home higher paycheques, and most will spend that money in the community because they live here.

For every restaurant, bar, retail outlet and other business that sells more that week, their orders to suppliers will be higher. Those suppliers all have staff, who spend the money they earn. People will pay for public transit or parking or car rentals. And the city will gain exposure and publicity that should lead to more visitors in the future.

I’m sure I’ve missed dozens of things, but hopefully you get the point. This is how economics works. It’s about spin-off and multiplier effects. It’s not all just “spin.”

I can concur with your points ExPat however many of the services you mention will already be working and supplies already ordered. Additional staffing and supplies and visits will happen and I agree there will be an impact and trickling of economic activity but am suspect on Commish claims it would be north of 100m.

The big sell will be who is paying for all that extra staffing, entertainment etc especially with the new sharing formula the CFL has started. Big winner is exsposure for the Hammer Imo

$2000 on food during Grey Cup?

That’s a lotta hotdogs

There are many 1000’s of Air bnb and short term rentals available in November in Hamilton proper
and surrounding areas

Also incredibly appropriate that it’d be played on Tim Horton’s Field

I know its from the leader post… but some timelines on announcing the 2020 grey cup location.

CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie said Wednesday that he plans to submit his recommendation for the winning bid to the league’s board of governors on Jan. 28. Ambrosie added that there may be an announcement by Feb. 15.

It’s our turn to make it right and show the CFL , TSN and all the great fans that the Hammer CAN DO IT WITH CLASS AND PUT ON A GREAT WEEKEND OF FESTIVITIES !?


re:"This is what you get ( a closed council meeting about Hamilton holding s Grey Cup) when the pathetic sheep of Hamilton continue to elect the same morons that run this city. "

Incumbency is a huge advantage in all cities. I infer from your remarks that you visualizea huge flock of sheeple swarming to the polls to vote inthe incumbents,Many people don’t put in the time to learn about thesechallengers. If they vote they vote for familiar names. Call them Sheeple.

What is the per cent of voters who turnout in municipal elections? 30%? It isextremelylow, SigIt’s difficult for challengers tofinance acampaign.They have to self finance It is difficult to getthe word outon a limited budget.

There are conscientious voters who are not sheeple As councillours they will have to be involved in handling a multi-million dollar budget andimportantdecision-making. Conscientious voters wantto know as much about them as they can.As a result, we have 4 new faces.

ps: I know morons in politics - I live in Ottawa now…

Sounds like we should know more after the team’s meeting with the City on Wednesday.