TiCats Grey Cup 2021!

It is my understanding that the CFL requires the stadium to hold 40,000. Our stadium currently holds 24,000. I imagine they could jam in about 5 to 10,000 seats in the south end zone by moving the gate and bar back. There is not as much room on the North side but there is room to back up a bit removing the parking lot to seat maybe 5,000,
Either way it will be tough to add 16,000 seats but it might be doable.
maybe considering a third level on both east and west sides ?

Any thoughts ?

Ottawa 2017: 36,154.

Just from looking at it I am not sure that is even doable…
I do not know the construction or the engineering of the stadium (altho I know it to be not the best) but I can’t see the space or infrastructure to even do so.

Endzone addition will be what you probably would get as in cheap temp seating

Yes, it will be temp. seating. Maybe the same stuff they used back in 1996!

The 40,000 requirement was lowered to 35,000 a couple years back.

Just eyeballing it, I think you could get quite a few seats in the south end zone, depending id course how high they want to go.

I think they could “bowl” off the south side completely. Connect the existing east and west side concourses sort of like what the east end of ivor wynne was like.

You could probably temporarily remove the coors light patio from the north and get a full grand stand there as well.

From my understanding, that patio is a structure of it’s own. I know there was talk about having that patio be movable for soccer games, so that it could be much closer to the pitch and in the endzone so to speak. However, apparently it’s more then just bolted to the ground there. I don’t think it’s viable to move it, and even if it is, you would likely need to pull permits.

That said, it would give the team the chance to demo it, and put up a new patio that is mobile for soccer. That said, the sheer size of the scoreboard, makes temp seating a tricky endeavour on that side of the stadium, even if you do it like Calgary’s temp seating and build around the scoreboard.

That said, I don’t see what the issue is with putting up a massive stand stretching back to Canon street. The only barrier I can see is the stone pillars the stadium has for access.

Also… keep in mind that there are only 22,500 proper grandstand seats at THF. The 24,165~ capacity comes from the 2 end zone lounges - which combined hold about 1700 people.

When the day finally comes that THF hosts a Grey Cup… the only logical choice is to put about 10,000 seats in the south end zone, and the remaining 2500 required to hit 35,000 in front of the scoreboard in the north end zone.

Wow, great planning! ::slight_smile:

It can be and will be done. It will kind of look like this

2015 Winnipeg Investors Group Field Attendance 36,634
2016 Toronto BMO Field Attendance 33,421
2017 Ottawa TD Place Attendance 36,154

If Hamilton can hit 36k with temporary seats would be similar to the above 3. However I think getting to 36k will be difficult, and a tough sell that will have 1/3rd of the seats in endzones.

From ARUP, the engineering/planning firm for
The new stadium meets all of the technical requirements of both the Canadian Football League (CFL) and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). It also contains expansion capabilities necessary to host future Grey Cup games, along with press and broadcasting facilities, suites, concessions areas, and support space for the Games and legacy activities.

Yet the City claims to not have the plans.

I think 35,000 should be doable if you look at what they did at BMO Field.

For the Grey Cup and MLS Cup games they had built a 6,000 seat temporary stand behind the existing south end seats. That meant that Row 1 of those temporary stands had to be well above ground level with about 15 or so rows of existing seating in that south end that had to be taken into consideration.

Then for the Centennial Cup New Years Day game between the Leafs and Wings they added about 4,000 more seats surrounding the north end scoreboard there. That is how they ended up with an attendance of over 40,000 for that game.

Here is a shot from above. To the right are the 6,000 seats they added behind and above the existing south end which were in place for the Grey Cup and MLS Cup games. To the left the seats they installed surrounding the north end scoreboard.


Wonder if commish Bettman and the NHL can swallow their pride long enough to stage a Tim Hotons Heritage Classic at Tim Hortons Field in conjunction with A Hamilton Grey Cup game…nahhh

The NHL Heritage Classic is being played in SSK at Mosaic Stadium in OCT next season

Winnipeg Jets?Verified account
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BREAKING: The @NHL has announced the 2019 @TimHortons NHL #HeritageClassic, where the #NHLJets will host the @NHLFlames at Mosaic Stadium in Regina, Saskatchewan on October 26, 2019!

I thought that as well, toronto and buffalo being the obvious teams. It would look great if 40, 000 showed up in Hamilton Tigers jerseys… which is why I doubt the NHL would do it.

How’d they explain 40,000 in a non NHL market and crowds of less then 10,000 in chosen NHL markets?

Well there are other American hotbeds of hockey like : Cleveland Barons, Colorado Rockies, California Golden Seals, Atlanta Flames and Thrashers, Hartford Whalers, and of course the Kansas City Scouts .

I’m sure they would all be ahead of Hamilton and sadly the Buffalo Swords and the Leaves could care less about their mutual neighbour.

Pat Lynch (at least the Boston Bears have the right colours)

Hamilton will never get an NHL team.

Our best shot at getting one was when Copps Coliseum was brand new, the NHL was expanding, and they gave an expansion team to Ottawa instead of us. We were the logical choice, but got pushed aside…because Toronto and Buffalo don’t want another team closeby. That will never change!

I think everyone understands that. Thr NHL is content being a Bush leauge.

If Hamilton sports fans were smart, they’d tune out the nhl, take away how much revenue? We just might force they’re hand.

Hamilton can not support an NHL team. They can barely support the Cats! A multi million dollar expansion team on a Tuesday night vs. Columbus or Nashville isn’t going to cut it without deep corporate pockets soaking up the losses.