Ticats’ Glenn set to have big game

From Drew live from raining and cold Edmonton

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Since taking over as a starter for the Ticats midway through 2009, Glenn has thrown two or more interceptions in a game six times. In the games immediately following, Glenn quarterback’s rating is more than 12 points higher than his 88.4 career average and he’s thrown 11 touchdowns against just three interceptions. More importantly the Ticats have gone 4-2.

Let's hope so!

Earl....I agree.
Winnipeg is now 2-0 so that really puts us in a tough spot if we can't beat Edmonton tonight.
Early season wins are crucial.

21 for 33 65.6% 219 yards 1 TD 1 int.

Not bad numbers. Could be better, but a few drops and lack of running game (only 9 rushes) didn't help the passing game.

It was a terrible game!

How many underthrown passes? How many passes landing in the open field with nobody around? 65% - yeah because he connected on a bunch of 4 yard passes on 2nd and 10. 219 yards does not a great game make.

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Bellefeuille said Glenn was not the problem on this night.

“I still have confidence in Kevin,? Bellefeuille said. “He put the ball where it had to be most of the night and gave guys opportunities and chances.

“I thought he responded well and did some positive things.?

It should would be nice for Glenn to have a big game.

Unlike last week, I think Glenn played better last night, but still has a way to go. His completion percentage was not much different than Ray's. The difference was, Ray was making passes down field, and Edmonton's receivers has way more YAC yards. We have very few completions over 20 yards, and you need some of those plays to move the ball regularly.

Glenn did have some bad passes, stumbled in the backfield a few times, and made some bad decisions (poor choice on the pick). I don't know about everyone else, but I'm getting real tired of the same shotgun with the single back set. That formation is just not getting the job done. I want to see some two back sets, or some tight ends. They talk about using Thigpen or Williams in the offense. These guys can play like a second back, and need to be positioned similar to a running back so they can be used in plays or be decoys on plays if they are going to be involved. Don't just throw them out there like receivers. We have guys who can do that job.

The one play that sticks in my mind last night was in the first half when the TiCats were second and 2. They had a four man front with Cobourne and Glenn back in the shotgun. They try to run the ball left and a line backer from Edmonton on Hamilton's right side just runs into the backfield untouched and takes Cobourne down before he gets to the line of scrimmage. That is just simply pathetic. Did they think all the linebackers would drop into coverage because we put 5 or 6 receivers on the field? Quite simply a poorly designed play, and a poor call. You can't do that and expect to drive the ball down the field in the CFL.


I wonder if Glenn has suffered an injury we don't know about. He hasn't looked good since Game 16 of last year.

Best to worst Q/B's after 2 games IMHO


The Offence has not shown up this year yet and it is led by Kevin
Yesterday we were clearly beaten by the Eskimos
Did we make them look good or did they make us look bad?
They made us look bad!
Ricky Ray was the better Q/B by a large margin

#8. The Great and ulmighty confident Cleo Lemon!

Oops forgot one. lol
I’d put lemon at 7 right now

Funny how now we are all anxiously waiting for Glenn to have a big game. Yet just a couple of weeks ago the expectations were for Glenn to have a big SEASON.

two games into the season

And there were more dropped balls again last night. Mann, Williams, Stala...