Ticats Give Up Manziel for Nothing

I am as frustrated as I hope some of you are. But lets have a look at what happened to us, when we had arguably the biggest name in professional football on our roster who we tossed aside for marbles.

We didn’t let him play a single down. Point 1.

We traded him for 2 roster players. One played what, 2 games before going down with a knee injury. Was completely negligible prior, did nothing. The other, didnt have ONE SACK as a DE with us before now going down for the year. Cost us a few penalties too if I recall. Both gone, are they back next year? Likely not.

Additionally, we have 2 first round draft picks. Which, in my opinion, are also negligible. With Chapman walking this year (another mistake) it’s incredibly easy to say the draft is a crapshoot. Sure we could find someone, we could also get nothing. I put no stock into the draft. Something may turn up but let’s see. Do we need another CDN OL? Is there room?

Oh dont forget we traded our LT in this deal too. Yep that too.

Manziel hasn’t been good in MTL, let’s call a spade a spade. But he’s played what, 3 games? On an absolutely terrible team with nobody to support him? Missed a few weeks bc of injury, on top of that? No training camp?

Ah I just dont know anymore. Does God hate us? Have we done something to deserve this garbage? Sure we can’t predict injuries, but literally, we got NOTHING out of this trade and we sent our QB insurance, our “arguably” future to another team in our division. Someone our coach said could be “the greatest player to ever play in the CFL”. And he gone - FOR NOTHING.

But hey, Masoli has now an 18/13 TD-INT ratio so that’s improving…

shakes head

At which point, with this team's draft record over the past few years, we can safely disregard your opinion.

If you want to argue that the trade didn't improve our weak spots enough for this year, go nuts, but until then...

shakes head

What would Manziel be doing in Hamilton had he stayed?
I know the answer. Holding a clipboard and causing a distraction.
Both Masoli and Manziel could not survive on the Cats next season due to Manziel’s increased year 2 salary.
You don’t like having two first round draft picks?
Let me walk you through yesterdays CFL trade.
Montreal traded RB Sutton to B.C. And what did Montreal get for this trade?
The Alouettes gave up their own third-round pick in the 2019CFLdraft and acquired B.C.’s second-round pick and a conditional sixth-round pick in 2019.
So if Montreal finishes last next year and B.C. finishes mid pack Montreal moves up a few spots only.
And what did Reed say about the trade?
Sutton has gotten already pretty much 80 per cent of his salary so that was no consideration, in fact, it probably would be more economical to keep Tyrell. The draft pick for us was very important,? Reed said.

IMPORTANT, who knew??

And Chris Williams was hardly nothing. he was a threat rounding into form and is missed in our current lineup.

Given the way things occurred, I feel that the Cats had no intention of ever playing Manziel.

The hyping him up in press meetings was done to increase the trade value.

They got 2 former all stars and 2 1st round picks.

Maybe those all stars will never play to that level, maybe the picks will amount to nothing. Maybe Manziel will end up being great. A lot of maybes.

Fact remains when you objectively look at the situation it appears that the Cats planned on signing Manziel to gain assets via trade. They executed upon this plan. 5 years from now, we will know if it was a good plan.

Manziel never played a down for us in the regular season because the coach chose not to play him, despite having extolled his talents previously. I guess there were reasons. Whatever they were, Manziel doesn’t appear to have overcome them so far in Montreal, not on the field at least.

Should the Ticats have got more in trade for the much-hyped Manziel? Sure, great idea. Who was offering more? What were they offering? I’m sure the Ticats would have taken a better offer had it been available.

I suppose they could have kept him, but there would be no way to keep both him and Masoli next year. I think they made the right decision.

Sadly, no one can predict injuries, and I suppose that unless you can include a “games played? or “re-sign? clause, you are just out of luck if they do occur?

I’m impressed you even got that far, given that the first paragraph included the immortal phrase: "arguably the biggest name in professional football "

Anyone know if Chris Williams and Westerman are free agents after this year?

Westerman has 1 year remaining on a massive(Kavis)contract and Williams is a F/A.

Time Machine GM is a fun game.


Westerman’s non guaranteed contract will not be offered for next year. Rip that baby up. It was a Montreal overpayment in the first place and he has done nothing to justify it for next season.

REPORTED If defensive lineman Westerman plays six games in 2018 he’ll make $218,000 plus performance bonuses on his two-year contract…Bye Bye

We receiving nothing of lasting value in this trade, a very sad situation

“Manziel is an over hyped washed up distraction salary cap draining selfish prima donna”

"What , we got nothin for him in a trade ??!

Same people.

We never should have traded that 2018 seventh round and 2019 fifth round to get Chambers. What’d we get out him, seven games? Horrible trade.


Yup. Tillman better get a better crystal ball or time machine. And get his hindsight checked.

How can the team be blamed for the injuries???
At the time of the trade most people thought the Ticats won the trade.

Plus, after hearing Manziel sound off to the media 2 weeks ago about not playing, I think he would not have been a good fit in the long run, especially with Masoli playing well this year.

We got what?
is that supposed to be 2 words or one??

You do realize that if Manziel makes all his bonuses next season,
he would be making around $450K.

Masoli is scheduled to make $380K next year if he makes all his bonuses

Jason La Canfora?[size=1]Verified account [/size]
Manziel's CFL contract: $122k base, $10k sign bonus, $18k housing stipend, $10k if active 6 games, $10k for 10 games active. $10k for 14 games active. Another $120k if plays half of snaps. March 1 $75k offseason bonus. 2018 $202k base w/same incentives
11:20 AM - 19 May 2018

The TiCats dumped Manziel after 5 games so they didn't have to pick up the 1st bonus of $10K

Masoli contract

Hamilton Tiger-Cats quarterback Jeremiah Masoli new two-year contract is worth over $700,000 and included a signing bonus of $125,000.
The first year contains $235,000 in “hard money? with $90,000 in playtime incentives while the second features $335,000 “hard money? plus $45,000 in playtime incentives.

Trading Manziel was addition by subtraction. It was worth it just to get rid of the media distraction that accompanies the guy. It’s not his fault, but it does affect the rest of the team.

Getting Williams, Westerman & the 2 picks for him was basically robbery, especially considering Manziel still doesn’t have a win up here.

I almost peed myself silly with laughter after reading that beauty description of little Johnny "Who" ;D