Ticats get Bombers' playbook/Jeffers-Harris

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In Winnipeg they are asking that question of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Everywhere else in the country they are asking the same question of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

How, three days before the Eastern Final, could the Winnipeg Blue Bombers release a guy like Terrence Jeffers-Harris who knows their playbook like the back of his hand, knows their terminology, their snap counts, their defensive tendencies? He has lived with this team for the past two seasons and on basically the eve of the most important game of their season to date, the Bombers let him walk.

They didn’t suspend him. They didn’t punish him and let him stew a little longer. They let him walk.

And the Cats pounced. Who can blame them?

Well, apparently the Bombers could and did Thursday when head coach Paul LaPolice suggested he would not have done the same had the roles been reversed.

How could they not expect the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to jump at this opportunity and sign the just-released player?

And how in good conscience can Winnipeg now try to condemn the Ticats for making that move.

Whatever the 23-year-old receiver did in order to get released at this late stage in the game, it better have been something a little more egregious than being late for or missing a few meetings as a few stories have suggested.

Because if it wasn’t something much more than that then LaPolice and whoever else decided this was a good idea owe the fans of Winnipeg a huge apology.

He may as well have mailed Marcel Bellefeuille the Winnipeg playbook himself.

For the record Bellefeuille and the Ticats are saying very little about this.

Bellefeuille downplayed the significance of adding a player from the enemy camp at this late point in the season. For the record Bellefeuille says the signing was done with a long-term goal. They have long liked the young receiver and are hoping that going into 2012 he can help their football team. Jeffers-Harris has some NFL aspirations so he’ll most likely pursue those before making a return to the CFL, but for the time being he is Ticats property.

At the very least, the signing keeps him out of the hands of the rival Toronto Argonauts who have to be kicking themselves for not jumping at this opportunity. It’s not like the Argos couldn’t use a physical receiver with top athleticism on their roster.

Jeffers-Harris was in uniform Friday at practice wearing No. 86, but he is not eligible to play this year.

But he can still do a boatload of damage assuming he chooses to share with his new teammates.

Bellefeuille said Friday he had no interest in pumping Jeffers-Harris for information.

The same could not be said of the assembled media, just about every one of which asked to speak with Jeffers-Harris and was told he would not be made available. The same went for media requests for GM Bob O’Billovich.

Bellefeuille was asked if he had already questioned Jeffers-Harris about the Winnipeg game plan for the weekend.

“No, he is strictly here for the future,? Bellefeuille said.

He was then asked if he was aware of whether his coaching staff or players had approached the former Blue Bomber looking to glean some information.

“I am not aware of that and what could a player really tell you to be honest with you,? Bellefeuille said. “We have 18 games of film on them. They have (19) games of film on us. I don’t think there are any major secrets.?

While a similar middle-of-the-playoffs scenario could not be recalled where a player switched teams like this, Bellefeuille pointed out that earlier this year the Ticats released Jerome Dennis who was subsequently picked up by B.C. that very week.

“He had been through our game-planning process and we played them in B.C. and we still won the football game,? Bellefeuille said. “I don’t know what he did or didn’t relate to their coaching staff but it didn’t change the outcome of the football game and this won’t change the outcome of the football game.?

The other side of that argument was plainly evident in Philadelphia this past weekend where the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals upset the Eagles. Former Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb, who was dealt to the Cards at the beginning of the year and had been Arizona’s starter until an injury sidelined him, spent the entire game calling out the Philadelphia plays to his defence from the Arizona bench.

It certainly appeared to help the Cardinals.

Jeffers-Harris won’t be anywhere near the Hamilton bench this weekend as he won’t even travel with the team to Winnipeg, but there is always the chance that should he choose to share some info, it could provide an advantage for the Tiger-Cats.

And for allowing even that remote possibility to happen, the Bombers have to be kicking themselves.

This article made my morning :lol:

Hopefully more of these " :lol: " after doug "brown note"'s last career game tomorrow :thup:

Dear Winnipeg Blue Bombers,

It is with deepest sincerity that I say, thank you.

Thank you very much. :wink:

First thing is they couldn't suspend him, agianst the rules. The can only fine him or cut him. He hasn't been around the team for the last two weeks and missed meetings when he was around. He was becoming a major distraction in the locker room. The Bombers defence is what a bit of info would help the Ticats. Winnipeg's Offence is nothing special! So before all you ticat fans get all excited, do your homework befre posting.

You know it's a circus when Westwood gets involved:

"@TroyWestwood: #Bombers don't seem that concerned w/ knowledge of TJ Harris. Word is he used playbook as a colouring book #CFL?

If he was such a distraction they should have cut him sooner, or left it until after the playoffs. It's still a dick move to cut a player right before a team is going into a playoff game, but then I would expect Bomber fans to understand the concept of class... :lol:

I find it funny the idea that his NOT being there was causing a distraction. Where the other players playing a game of "Where's Jeffers-Harris?"

"He's not in the hamper..."

"He's not in the shower stall..."


I'm just being facetious bud, and seriously doubt very much that this will have any benefit to the cats tomorrow.

This game will be decided on turnovers and discipline IMO.

Agreed, should be a close game.

Unlike you,all class !!!! Go back to watching cartoons ,kid!

It seems the Cats were interested in Jeffers-Harris for some time and have previously attempted a trade for him...

written by Drew Edwards Spec and copy/paste from poster Grover. thanks Grover!

[i][b]While the move by Terence Jeffers-Harris from Winnipeg to Hamilton was simple enough – the Bombers released him and he signed with the Ticats just hours later – the backstory behind the deal is more complex, according to several sources who spoke to the Spectator on the condition of anonymity.

Jeffers-Harris was released by the Bombers on Friday morning after reportedly missing the start of a team meeting – he was apparently at the Bomber practice facility but not in the appropriate meeting room – and texted his agent, Tim Fleiszer, to inform to tell him what had happened.

Fleiszer, who represents a number of Ticats, happened to be in Ivor Wynne Stadium at the time and spoke to team officials to gauge their interest. Hamilton had been interested Jeffers-Harris for some time – they tried to trade for him as recently as six weeks ago – so a practice roster deal came together quickly.

By 10 p.m. Thursday night, Jeffers-Harris was in Hamilton.

According to multiple sources, the relationship between Jeffers-Harris and the Bombers had been strained since the off-season. When he signed with Winnipeg before the the 2010 season, he was assured by Bomber brass that he would be able to pursue NFL opportunities after the season and felt the team reneged on that agreement. Things worsened when his playing time was reduced this year.

The Bombers reportedly complained to the CFL after learning the Ticats had signed Jeffers-Harris.

Jeffers-Harris plans to pursue NFL opportunities after the season but is open to returning to the CFL, which is why he was eager to sign with a club immediately. The Ticats felt that any delay in signing him could have led to him going elsewhere. There is no deal in place with the Ticats for next season, according to multiple sources.
Because Jeffers-Harris qualifies as a veteran and was released after the deadline that guarantees the remainder of contracts, he will receive a full Winnipeg playoff share for East Final – and potentially the Grey Cup – in addition to his practice roster stipend, which is typically between $500 and $1,000 a week[/b][/i]

That is incorrect information. The veteran cut-off only guarantees salary until the end of the season and has nothing to do with play-off bonuses. Jeffers-Harris received a bonus for finishing on a first place team but the bonus for the Eastern Final and Grey Cup are for participants only.

The Bombers didn’t have the option of suspending Jeffers-Harris since he didn’t refuse to play, but they don’t have to pay him a playoff share, according to CFL director of communications Jamie Dykstra.

Please! Let's not confuse the facts here... The Tiger Cats got Harris, not knowledge of the play book.... Had Harris bothered to show up for the practices he would have known what a play book is all about but sigh! he didn't even know his own routes on the field. The only portion of the play book Harris knows dates back to the first period of last year.

Just a case of some trying to get others to feel concerned.

Ooo, way to put me in my place... :lol:

This seems to me to be the media trying to make mountains out of molehills. I don’t think there’s any information that Harris can give the Ticats in two days that they don’t already have from watching 18 games of film and playing three games against them during the regular season. Pass routes, defensive formations, blitz packages,…it’s all on film. Who is going to run a specific pattern, which formation they’re using on a specific play, who is blitzing and when, Harris can’t possibly know unless he is in the Bombers’ huddle.

The only thing these two teams don’t already know about each other are the wrinkles teams always throw in before a playoff game. Trick plays and things like that. Harris doesn’t know enough about those to help the team in such a short time.

This game will be won by the team who plays the better game on that day.

well, so much for that writer's credibility

100% agreed.

....the way I see it is the BBs have been feeding TJH false info all season long....he's a double-double agent now...

Regardless if TJH knows anything valuable or not, mission accomplished by the Ti-Cats. They are in the Bombers heads now and anyone who says they wouldn't pull a stunt like this if offered the opportunity is blowing smoke up our collective a**.

Anyone wanting to win a championship wants an EDGE. And, until the CFL says this is an illegal move, this creates one.

I was leaning towards Wpg walking away with this one, but now it's 50/50. Should be a great day of football.

Long live the CFL.

:thup: ....gamesmanship...

this had me LOL :thup: