Ticats get back on track with key divisional win

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats held on for a pivotal 24-17 win in a divisional battle with the Montreal Alouettes in Week 8, moving them into a tie with Montreal for second place in the East Division at 2-5.

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Well Kahari Jones got to smile this game when he watched his old team get defeated with Maciocia calling the shots. Sure seemed that discipline with the Als is still a problem under Maciocia (7 for Als vs 4 for Cats) proving the removal of Kaharia was a bogus reason, and losing was not Jones' fault..

Dont know how Khari is feeling after this win. (Shiltz says he was pumped to play his old team. ). Still, IMO it was a lucky win for the Cats. They once again gave up a big lead in the second half as the Als clawed back. I think if the injury spotter had not removed Harris he could very well have completed that last pass to the endzone to tie the game, based on his stats through the game.
But the team is happy with the win, and some improvement is showing.

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I too am happy about the win, but I am not happy to see another fourth quarter lead go up in smoke. I'm not sure who makes the offensive decisions, but this QB revolving door strategy is not working well. The offence couldn't move the ball at all when it was needed. If it wasn't for the defence, The Cats would have lost this one too - after leading by 18 going into the 4th quarter!

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I totally agree with your above statement. Trevor Harris deserved to finish the game on his terms :bangbang: The game of football is a violent sport, all the professional athletes are aware of the risks and Rewards :thinking:

I am definitely opposed to the 2 quarterback system. Coach Steinhauer must decide who his starting quarterback is :exclamation: and let him play the season. I am not a fan of a goal line Pivot either :rofl: Just call me "Old School" :upside_down_face:

Just a bit off topic - - - with the Redblacks victory, it makes every game Hamilton play that much more important. Let's get it going Tigers!

If it takes three QB’s to win…. So what. Use three QB’s. Who cares? The players obviously don’t…
A Win is a Win. It is a Team Sport after all and at the CFL level, that is all that should matter.