Ticats gear in Calgary

I'm heading to the game in a couple of weeks in Calgary and want to represent for the Ti-Cats. does anyone know where I can get a Ti-Cats hat in the Calgary area? I tried Jersey City but no (tonnes of US teams but not East CFL teams!).

Any ideas?

They will probably have some at the game,or you can order it off the ti-cat website.

drive through brandon, mb. found a ticat shirt at giant tiger!!

That sucks. I bought a Ticats home jersey and a Ticats hat at a Jersey City location in North Hill Shopping Centre in Calgary back around 1998. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you check at the Stamps store near the ticket office at McMahon? Maybe they have a limited selection of non-Stamps hats?

I’ll give them a try later, worse case I’ll send off but was hoping to just pick one up.

When I lived in Calgary from 2001-2003, I once bought a Ticats license plate frame at Canadian Tire and it's been on my car ever since!!

But seriously, there's always online purchasing as an option of course, and also, I was at the Ticats store the other day and there were some t-shirts for all the other teams available there, so maybe the same will be true at the Stamps store.


I bought a Ti-Cat home jersey at the store outside the stadium last year.

Sportchek usually has the odd piece of paraphernalia for all the CFL teams. But yeah, the Stamps store right in the outside of McMahon usually has stuff for all 8 teams too.

Anybody else going to the game? Where are we all sitting?

I'm in section O.

The better idea is to drive around MB.

Try the on-line store.

Im in section LZ...As in Lazy Boy lol I have tickets for box D but I have to work. :cry: