TiCats @ GangGreen

No one is giving the Cats a chance, lets hope they prove all the doubters wrong......

50 minutes to game time!!

Go Cats Go!!!

Thanks HTD,

Cue the upset, 38 minutes and counting!

Oskie WA WA!


10 minutes!!

DO Durant or Willy get the start for the rides today?

Love this:

former Ticats LB Rey Williams, who said he was going to let head coach Kent Austin hear it, started during warm ups and linebacker [b]Jamall Johnson - a friend of Williams' off the field – to him to shut it, in an emphatic and profane way. Johnson, who is not a trash talker by nature, told me this week that he was going to defend Austin if it came to that[/b].

Boy it sounds loud out there! Lets Go!

lol.. gotta love that.. guys stepping up defending the coach... nice!!

How did Lamar drop that???

Giggy with the 1st catch of the game... FIRST DOWN!!

Took a few weird bounces and went right through his legs.

Hi folks!

Alright.. time to see what the D is made of

I understand, Im listening on the radio!

Nice PU for Giguere for the FD!

Boy its windy out there!!

Evening Russ.. nice to see ya tonight

Sounds like they'll just hand off to sheets all game, might as well.....

Riders winning the field position already, we need to do something on this drive! Hopefully no yards call there!

Good job by the D (aided by the Dresler drop) on the Riders first possession!

I understand, Im listening on the radio!quote]
Ok. Further info on that, it was a line-drive kickoff straight to Lamar. Basically, he had to play goalie - and it hit the five hole.

We'll see if they'll keep that up all game.

Ellingson fumble.. Riders recover... sigh!!

Are you serious Ellingson???? Can't turn the ball over working with the wind guys.....