Ticats Games now on FM Radio

Y108 Becomes First Canadian FM Station to Simulcast Games

Hamilton, Canada – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that it has extended its broadcast agreement with Corus Radio Hamilton to continue as their exclusive radio broadcaster for all Ticats games. Additionally, in a first for Canadian radio and for the Canadian Football League, CHML’s brother station Y108 will simulcast the Ticats games, becoming the first FM station in the country to broadcast CFL games.

As the voice for CFL football in the Greater Hamilton Area for the past 40 years, CHML and now Y108 will continue to offer outstanding coverage of all Ticats games with CHML’s own Rick Zamperin providing play-by-play coverage. CFL legend and Canadian Football Hall of Famer Ron Lancaster joins Rick this season as colour analyst bringing his unmatched CFL experience as a player and CFL commentator having spent 10 years with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

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Great News Now Can Buy Cheep FM Raido to hear the play by Play

From TSN's web-site you can find out which games are going to be in HD. All games will be broadcast on TSN, but a few aren't available in HD.

"TSN's 72-game CFL broadcast schedule will be available on multiple TSN distribution platforms. All 72 regular season games will air live on TSN..."

The HD games have a '*' on the schedule here

Commentators - Chris Cuthbert, Glen Suitor, Rod Black, Duane Forde
Panel - Brian Williams, Dave Randorf, Chris Schultz, Matt Dunigan, Jock Climie
Sideline on Friday Night Football - Sara Orlesky

Lots of HD early in the season, but 4 of our last 5 road games are SD-only. :frowning:

I have been away awhile, when did they change from 18 to 19 season games?

They didn't. There's 19 weeks, not 19 games.

This sounds progressive. I love that Ronnie will be the colour guy. He was great a colour guy with CBC back in the day.

I hope CHML upgrades their crowd noise microphone from the one that hangs outside of the broadcast booth.

I read the press release looking for the phrase "as radio partner we have agreed to check our sources for confirmation before reporting stories about coaches signing with American universities".


Thanks for bringing this up "Onknight"....I seriously hadn't read about this until this thread.......

......very cool! 8)

so excited for the season 2 begin....why hasnt training camps started yet? weathers fine for it.

That's Farr from a good idea.

It does show the corporate world is pumped about the upcoming season. Get your popcorn ready...

This is very good news. I listen to the game while I'm there and often the reception is lousy (ironically) and the other problem is that it's hard to find an AM radio good enough to receive the signal! I broke mine last year and just ordered a new one from the Source a few weeks ago. Turns out that was unnecessary because I will be able to use the FM band on my MP3 player!

As for Sal vs Ronnie, time will tell, but certainly I loved Coach Sal's colour commentary. He often provided valuable technical knowledge and I found that he wasn't afraid to call guys out too.


Can't have too much Lanc in my book. He's a living CFL icon. I remember him as a straight shooter in his CBC days.

An Argo-Cat fan

I will miss coach Sal :frowning:

Progressive. Agreed.
This arrangement is just one more small indicator the organization is ramping up getting serious building a truly professional organization.
Mitchell, Printers, Obie, coaches with CFL experience and instead of college and high school, offices instead of trailers, player film for recruiment instead of just crossing fingers...the signs are all there (at least)
Sal was good but Lancaster will be better.
Fairly or not the radio team is a reflection of the team. Lancaster has more of a professional background in broadcasting and obviously more of a higher profile all combined with his iconic standing in the league.

Flat-out the better choice.

Isnt that what it's all about the desire to be better?


Agreed, Sal really has a great ability to break down the plays and explain what certain players assignments are. He really does an exceptional job at that. I will miss hearing him. Its funny that someone like sal can be replaced but Jason Farr continues to drone on game after game. How many anti Sal posts have we seen? but we replace him. Lancaster will be fine and I have no problem with an upgrade but cmon, upgrade the P.A guy, thats whats needed.

I'm not upset we replaced Sal with Lancaster...but, I do hope there is something for Coach Sal, as he was very good at his job. Hopefully they find something for him.

I'm still in the anti-Farr camp. He gets to stay?? :?

Wonder if I'll live to see the day that Farr, an acquired taste for sure, but also a distinctive voice (for better or worse), is described as a CFL icon and has his moving on lamented by Cats fans. Maybe, maybe not, but nobody starts out an icon.

I haven't listened to a Cats game in years cuz I'm normally at the games or watching on TV. I guess if you bring a small radio to the games you could be disapointed but personally either is fine by me.

I am sure Ron Lancaster will do a great job but
I feel sorry Coach Sal won't get to be around the team.


IMO, one can't fully appreciate the game,
unless one listens to the radio broadcast.

There is so much going on on the field
it's to hard to follow everything that's happenening.

Coach Sal would always know
which players made plays work

or which player made a play go wrong.

He even seemed to know
what was going to happen

before it happened.

I always listen to the CHML radio broadcast
when I watch the games on T.V. at home.

Why listen to TV broadcasters
rambling on and on about

whatever comes to their minds

when you could be getting informed
about the subtleties of every play

from a radio broadcaster
who seldom strays off task?