Ticats Games available on Cogeco on Demand

I missed the first bit of the game on Friday night but it's nice to see TSN has both our games available on Free on Demand.

Thought others might want to check out the big win

Got a link?

Can't help you with the Cogeco thing, but tsn.ca has the game here:


Including the first 6 minutes that we didn't get to see because of the Calgary-Winnipeg game going long.


Regarding the Calgary-Winnipeg game going too long..... I wasn't happy at all! Not about the game going on but about missing the first 10 mins of the Cats' game. I think TSN should do a split screen broadcast when that happens. With the shoe on the other foot.....if a Cats' game was going on too long I would understand why a split screen would be used for other CFL viewers. TSN are you listening?