Ticats G.M. regarding the draft

Ken "Jeepers Creepers" Peters speaks of Envious Eyes
being cast toward the Ticats' first overall draft pick.

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Ken quotes Desjardins as saying that
the Cats are stocked with good Canadians

and that he won't necessarily be picking a player
who can start immediately with our first pick.

and he said that the Cats may even look for
another U.S junior prospect.[?]

[ [i]This confuses me. What does Ken mean
by the term U.S junior prospect?

a Canadian playing football in the U.S.
with another year of eligibility left?[/i] ]

He also says,

"We're going to go with basically the best Canadian.

We have some good Canadian depth
as it is on our current roster.

It's just a question of
continuing to build on that,

whether it be guys who
will come to camp this year

or guys who we may not see
for another year."

[ U.S. Junior prospects? ]

U.S junior prospect.
Its just another weak attempt at this whole Americanized Hamilton Tiger-Cats. It is starting to drive me crazy.

Simply means they plan on drafting one the good Canadians in the NCAA who are in their fourth year (draft eligible in the CFL), but have only played three years of football at their college.
Most Canadians get "red shirted" (not on the active roster) their first year at an American college to become accliminized to four down football.
I'm surprised that Desjardins would tip his hand but I think he would be crazy not to take Bekasiak first over all. Maybe a future with his second first round pick.


U.S junior prospect.

Its just another weak attempt at this whole Americanized Hamilton Tiger-Cats. It is starting to drive me crazy.

This is referring to a Canadian player playing at a US college but has one year remaining (like we did last year with Dyakowski, Gagne-Marcoux, Reid). Drafting the best player available sometimes means taking players for the future.

I realize what he means its just the rhetoric behind the phrase 'US junior prospect'. He has been on the Americanized Tiger-Cats bit for about 3-4 articles. Why doesnt he just say draft eligible Canadians etc, etc, etc.

The rhetoric aside, if the Young expects a team in Ottawa next year (and the reuslting expansion draft), I expect to see a focus on underclassmen (is that term ok Ron? lol) Still with the number one overall you have to take the best talent that looks signable.

I don't think there are a lot of top prospect, draftable "underclassmen" on this year's draft list, compared to previous CFL draft years; so that type of thinking may not carry you too far in this draft. If they think receivers Jabari Arthur or Kevin Challenger or maybe O-lineman Mike Gytevai (Michigan State) are such superb, can't miss / future sure-fire starters, then they could maybe draft one or 2 of those guys with the 1st round picks. Bekasiak, Crawford and a few other of the top prospects on this draft board who are ready to come out of college/University ball this year, seem like as good or better prospects to me than the few US college ball Juniors that will be selectable, so why waste a 1st round pick on a future maybe unless you feel he is an outstanding prospect?

I don't buy the "best athlete" draft thinking - pick the best football player at a position your team needs help/competition in for TC and be quite sure you are able to sign the guy and he will report to TC - especially with 1st round draft picks.

I agree. If the Ticats don't pick a guy who can start in 2007 with at least the first of their two first round picks this year, they should have their heads examined. How often does a team get the first overall pick? We should use it to take someone who can step in right away and help us win. That's especially important this year, a season when we have better coaches who can utilize that talent properly.

Actually for some teams (no names mentioned) this is a fairly regular occurrence.

An interesting thread with some very good posts.

Ticats GM Marcel Desjardins will have a huge job managing the Canadian content on the roster over the next seven weeks, particularly in the three weeks leading up to training camp. There are presently 74 players on the off-season roster. The Ticats will soon have:

a) four of the first thirteen choices in the 2007 Canadian Draft on May 2/07 (1st, 4th, 12th and 13th overall) plus;

b) five middle round/late round choices in the 2007 Canadian Draft (25th, 33rd, 36th, 41st and 44th overall) plus;

c) anywhere from zero to four players from the 2006 Canadian Draft at training camp this year:

 Cedric Gagne-Marcoux (Central Florida) C
 Peter Dyakowski (LSU) OT
 Jermaine Reid (Akron) DE/DT
 Michael Roberts (Indiana State) CB

As can be seen above, the Ticats could bring as many as thirteen draft choices from 2006 and 2007 to training camp this year if they really wanted to.

Desjardins probably won't know whether he can sign any of the four 2006 draftees until after the NFL Draft and free agent signing blitz in late April/early May. If the Ticats can sign any of these players prior to the CFL Draft, it might sway Desjardins to draft at least one "future" in their first four 2007 selections.

Then, in the three weeks leading up to training camp, Desjardins will need to pare the roster down to 68 players plus current year draft choices by the first day of training camp. Can't wait to see how it all plays out!

Not sure it should be a guarantee or anything close to a sure thing that you'll get an instant starter with a 1st round pick, but IMO, they could be thinking/hoping strongly to get a guy who can come in and play right away - Radlein did; Wayne Smith did; the Sask. Riders had 3 draft picks from last year end up starting / being impact players for them (Fantuz 1st rd; Congi 2nd rd; Clovis 3rd rd.). I guess a team that's in re-building mode (plus as pointed out a bunch of last year's picks may show up) can afford to think "futures", but IMO they should also be thinking "now" with plenty of picks and draftable good proven college players in areas of need - Bekasiak might fit that bill, maybe Crawford, a receiver like Bauman, McKoy or Nicholson maybe too.

Great post...thanks for the big picture.