TiCats Future

TiCats Future is Dependant ON The Caretaker!!! If Attendance is as predicted, Uncle Bob will have to carry the load (A tradition for CFL Owners BTW) We fans must put an effort to helping Bob at this time. Get your friends out to the games , Note a recent add on a st kits radio station was clearly describing the ticats attendance as a selling point for going to a bills game, This got me thinking that Bob Should BUY the Buffalo bills , And use his new power to keep the Ticats Healthy and the Bills as well, This could be the Only way to keep both historical teams viable. Recent moves like hire Obilovich, Dumping Taaffe, And upgrades at Reciever and DB, AND LB !!! Have the TICATS ready to Make it to the GRey Cup in 2009, only pieces left to build are O and D linE !!! :rockin:

I suggest supporting a charity of your choice than to worry about Bob's bottom line.
Get your friends to support your favorite charity.
It is a suitcase off the Titanic in relative terms to Bob's wealth.
If the product is unwatchable, Bob understands that there will not be butts in the seats.
Well guess what, I suggest the walk-up crowd will be pretty small.

As far as the team going in the right direction going in to next year, they will have a 29 year old feature RB, more questions than answers at every position on the field except kicker. The team is in TOTAL disarray, needs a whole new coaching staff. Management has failed repeatedly to the point that they are not only the worst team in the CFL, they rival the worst pro franchise of all time as far as results since Bob took over the team.

They are a worst football product today than 5 years ago.

Take the 2 Argo games out of the mix and the team might not win one single game.

That is unacceptable.

I'm not so sure.

In a ddition I believe our assistants need replacing. I think our talent is better than what they show and I attribute that to the schemes.

The defence is very weak.

The o-line can run block but how can they be so poor at pass protection.

I think coach Sal could fix that. He's proven it before!

I'm liking what I'm seeing form Marcel as a HC so far.

The Bills are an "historical team"? Perhaps recent history( 1960 ).I've got socks older than the Buffalo Bills.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7 )

How about at Least showing a Positive Outlook from the Die hards!!! :stuck_out_tongue: At least Obie addressed the receiver and D B areas. qb is solid , and we could seee improvement on the lines by trade deadline. IMHO you cant Blame Mr young for the Moves he made in acquiring people with CFL exp, Marcel, Taaffe, Desjarden,DMacs age, Maas trade, Printers, Lumsden injuries, How can these be Bob,s fault!! If keeping the TiCats healthy is giving to Charity then the Browns are a pretty big Charity as well to name one!

It seems like Obie really dropped the Ball on his recruitment of linemen this year. Many knew at the beginning of training camp we were thin on both lines and needed some serious linemen. When you look at BC, Als and others we are far behind. Other than that were still kicking so everything OK. :roll:

Our Main Problem is in The Trenches ..
I don't Feel it has anything to do with players at all
It the Scheme we run and Coaches Coaching it ..

Once Marcel Left Montreal for Hamilton There OL Got Better .
Once Denny Left Calgary there Defence is Better .
Marko was Scape Goat for bad Coaching .
Do think his Replacement will do any better today Not a Chance..
Cause the Scheme is Faulty

That's Why all The Coaches have to go ..