Ticats:future looks bright

Why all the negative crap going on here. it seems you are always down and out. Can you guys at least realize this team is ready to do some damage in the future. Just be patient and don't get crabby.

damage to what?
What do you base this on , the aquistions from LAST season?

We heard the same thing last year at this time the future was looking good, rumour was that Maas was coming to town, we were finally getting rid of McManus and things were going to improve. Then with the addition of Vaughan, Holmes and Ranek we were going to be the team to beat this year. You can't blame the fans for being cynical now.

It's time to stop all these predictions and just wait and see what happens.

Couldn't agree more. The Cats have a long way to go before they're competitive again. A couple of positive moves have been made--signing Lumsden, Holmes and Desjardins, but, there's still a whole lot more that needs doing before 2007.

An Argo fan