Ticats Forum

Is this forum only accessible through the CFL website now? I cannot find the link on the new website design. I apologize if this has been asked in another thread.

  1. I don’t like this new TiCat site very much at all !!

If you scroll down to the very bottom of the the main page, you will see the link to this site, by
clicking on “cfl forums”. It will take you right to this forum.

Yeah, why is the Forum not in the main menu at the top like before. Site looked MUCH better before and was more user friendly. Don’t fix something if it’s not broken.

I suspect it’s to make it look better on phones and tablets.

Main page also loads much slower than in the past, and the main navigation bar renders last. I can only assume that not only was the redesign done by an unpaid intern, but the site is now being hosted on that intern’s phone. Particularly embarrassing when you consider the owner of the team has a history in the tech sector.

It also doesn’t work well on some older browsers anymore.

I must agree with above postings. If it wasn’t broke, why fix it?
Liked it much better before the change.

Also, once you load the Ticat forum you can make a bookmark in your browser. Just so you don’t have to load the main Ticat site first if you just want to go to the forum.

Wow…incredibly difficult to find the fourms! Can’t say I like the redesign overall, either.