Ticats Forum Week 1 CFL Power Rankings

Let's have some fun. Since the talking heads get paid for doing this do such a poor job, let's do our own.

Disclaimer...if you're gonna say "but they won and they lost" then go look at the standings. These are not standings.

My criteria is basically who would be favoured on a neutral site if the two teams played tomorrow.

1. Winnipeg

Grey Cup Champs, shut down a potent Hamilton Offence. Too early to tell if both teams were good, or Winnipeg played less bad.

2. Saskatchewan

Looked like they were on pace for a historic blowout, but slowed down in the second half.

3. Toronto

Impressive road victory. MacBeth played well and it's possible Arbuckle doesn't see the field for a while.

4. Hamilton

See Winnipeg. Too early to tell of they just hit a buzz saw of a defence or they're not as good as the "paper" would suggest.

5. Montreal

Because they didn't play

6. Calgary

Not the level of inconsistency we've come to expect from Calgary. But it's one game and Bo had some new faces. The youngest team in the CFL may need time to gel.

7. BC

What. On. Earth. Were. They. Doing. At. QB?

8. Edmonton

Because it's only week 1 and they lost to the worst team in the league. I'm convinced if they play Ottawa 9 more times they win 7.

9. Ottawa

They won, but they set the forward pass back about 50 years. They're the worst team in the league.

What are yours?


I thought we were going to rank the posters every week. I can think of a few who would always be at the bottom... lol


Good points. I didn’t see yesterday’s games so don’t have much to add but Toronto beating Calgary is big. We will have a tougher time with the east this year and that’s ok - I think the Cats were on cruise control the last month of 2019 and it hurt us in the Cup.

The BC qb debacle looks really bad on Campbell. If they lose a couple more it will keep getting brought up and his leadership will get called into question. But if Reilly can’t go not sure it will matter.

I went to the Ed Ott game and all I can say is wow what a boring game.
Nichols had 3 yards passing after the first quarter and 71 total for the game.
I think Harris only attempted 3 passes over 6 yards despite having all day in the pocket. He did complete a nice deep ball to some guy named Mike Jones but it was called back on a penalty.
So is that the end of the pre season or do we have one more week.

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And THEY WON!! Can his shoulder still be bothering him? Are they going to be in a market for a QB?

Would they go back to Davis as their primary starter? I don’t even recognize the other 2 guys they have on their roster.

I think there will be 2-3 more weeks of uneven play. Some injured vets will come back and then you will have a better feel for teams identities.

Not yet Nichols is better than that. He will never be a lights out kind of guy but he is better than that. Too early to panic plus in the end they got the win.

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I think so as well, but if his shoulder is still not right after a year and a half, it ain’t never going to be right.


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They have a decent QB, so hopefully the Redblacks offense can figure things out as the weeks progress.

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From what I saw of the other teams, the TiCats better get things worked out and fast.

And Desjardins had to screw over a healthier, younger Arbuckle just to land this prize.

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I guess that Rocky Butler wasn't available then ?


We know he would have given the house for him.

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I think so! isn't it funny that Ticat fans jumping all over and criticizing Ottawa, yet Ottawa came out with the 2 points against the team that was predicted to lead .
league in offense.
The way that the Ottawa defense played they would easily shut down Masoli and the Ticat offense.
Nichols? does it matter if he was anemic? if the defense can shut down the other team's offense and their special teams the best in the league. Is there a better kicker than Ward or better punter than Leone?
Offense doesn't always win games.

But it was only one game, next week we could be talking a different story. But I guarantee that Ottawa will not lose next week

I'd bet a lot of money that they won't even score a point next week.

Would you switch teams right now?

Is there a team in the league that would trade rosters with them?

Heh, not taking that bet. :wink:

Didn’t Ottawa start out 2019 at 2-1? At some point you need a passing game, defence will not pull every game out of the fire for you.

Reilly almost engineered a miraculous 2nd half comeback against the Riders and that was with half an arm. I believe there's something wrong with his elbow.

B.C looks improved from 2019 and if Reilly can get healthy then they will be moving up in the power rankings.

Definitely some interesting games this week! I'm looking forward to the Argos and Winnipeg to get a better idea of where they're at, and Montreal could be improved for sure.