Ticats Fire George Cortez

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have fired coach George Cortez after one season. #Ticats #CFL
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Certainly shocking..

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have fired coach George Cortez after one season. #Ticats #CFL

I'm speechless. What a shocker.

Something must have happened recently to initiate this move.

At least we have hope now.

Wow. Cortez must have had a major blowout conflict with Obie, Mitchell or Young. How else can you explain this?

Other than maybe a better candidate has surfaced? Has Buono been lured to Hamilton?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

My thoughts exactly.

LaPolice or Dickenson as head coach, with Marshall as the DC? :smiley:

Great OC, terrible coach.

Now we need a HC, DC, OC and GM. Better hire sooner rather than later.

Shocking. Not a fan of firing Cortez, though I do applaud the decision to remove Obie from the GM position. That move has been overdue IMO.

I believe the Cats will owe Cortez a few years of his contract. Proves Mr. Young is willing to admit his mistakes - or someone's - and pay to improve this team!!!

I'd take the cerebral Dickenson in a heartbeat, although it may be a difficult task as his family resides in Calgary, and is presumably still under contract with the Stamps to my knowledge.

Heeere comes Tillman ...

I guess next season really is going to be a write off. This team is run like a pile of garbage. What decent and experienced Coach would want to come here. All we do is bring guys in and fire them after a season or 2. We have had no continuity and continue season after season to make the same mistakes. Sure he made some mistakes. Its going to take a good amount of coin and guarenteed money to lure anyone here. Also why would any decent player want to come here with the amount of turnover at coaching. Then a new coach cuts last years guys and brings in his own guys. Obviously this team hasn't learned from any mistakes. Maybe in the next 20 years will we make the GC. The Tiger-Cats are the most disfunctionally run team in any sport hands down. Lets enjoy another season of rebuilding and a team trying to gel.

George Cortez had 3 years left on his $400,000 per year contrast. I thought that would save him his job

for one more year. I hope Bob bought him out with cash for less money than $1.2 million. He must have.

WOW, I am shocked at this move considering how long it occured after the season ended. Perhaps it was his lack of decsion making? Best of luck to you George.

There doesn't seem to be any tolerance for learning on the job. You hire a first-time HC, be prepared to live with his mistakes in the first couple of years. And now the Cats have just suffered a big blow to the one good component of the team, the offense. Personally, I would have fired Obie and told the new GM to give Cortez some leeway, just as Hervey is giving Reed in Edmonton. Now the organization is starting from scratch in virtually every phase.

The season was going to be a write-off either way. Might as well let the new coaches and players gel now and have everything come together in 2014.

He is taking a huge fall here. The Cat's hired him late and didn't have the chance to surround himself with the best coaching. Plus he was dealt a crappy hand by the GM in his inability to bring in defensive talent. The biggest joke in the CFL continues. I don't agree he didn't make mistakes but a lot were expected since he was a rookie head coach. He deserved another season to right the ship. As well as a full off season to bring in a decent coaching and be involved more in the recruitment process.

The other issue is timing. Unless the new GM and HC are in place SOON, it's going to be hard to get good coordinators in a timely fashion.

I'm pretty confident something ''happened". He was scouting all these CIS games, going into the office everyday reviewing game film and breaking down players, scenarios, etc. I also assume he was in the process of looking for a Defensive Coordinator. You don't fire a guy mid-December a midst all of that, unless something happens to initiate the move. But I guess we'll never know.