Ticats Fire equipment manager

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/04/ticats-dismiss-equipment-management.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/ ... ement.html[/url]
The Ticats have dismissed equipment manager Rod Thiessen. The team won't comment on what led to the move beyond confirming that Thiessen is no longer with the team.

"Hot Rod" as he is known around Ivor Wynne was a well-liked guy but I've heard persistent concerns regarding his job performance over the past two seasons. I'll put it this way: I'm not entirely surprised by the news.

Assistant equipment Drew Strohschein will likely be a leading candidate to replace Thiessen.

Sad to see him go but drew will do a great Job if hired

Finally a positive revelation from Onknight.

Doesn't like the Coaching Staff.

Doesn't like the Secondary.

Is encouraged by the New Equipment Manager.

Good on ya Tom!

I do have Problem with Defence backs there nothing there
We got most guys from last year and few backups added.

I never Said I did'nt like coaching staff
I said I had Issues with the lack of Experience by our OC and DC
Both have never been oc or dc at any Major Level
This worries me..

also Doug Malone takes over as the Tiger-Cats Offensive Line Coach
after an extensive coaching career in the U.S. college system.
He never coach in Pro's at all

again I worry .

The Blessing is alot of CFL Offence are out Spread Formation
That do alot in US Collage.

I have to admit, I read the title of this thread completely wrong. I was trying to figure out why the Ticats had their own fire equipment, and why they needed a manager for it. D'oh. :oops:

I'm guessing we'll never get the whole story behind this one. Eventually, some player or two might leak something accidentally, and we might be able piece together some of it, and guess some of the rest. But odds are, the team will never officially disclose anything about it. And everyone will forget all about it by the time camp rolls around.

Wow!! They fired the equipment manager?? Gotta admit I never saw this one coming. I'm in total shock....What will we do?....I hope they get a new one and fast. I hope this doesn't affect our chances to win the Grey Cup this year. Let's just hope they use the first round draft pick and get an up and coming equipment manager from the CIS ranks because I don't think they should pay an import to do the job.

LOL Pope. I wondered if I was the only one who didn’t really care about this news, but you gotta wonder what it was an equipment manager did to get fired like this. Was he sellling used socks on ebay or something?

A draft pick... with no CFL experience? Are you mad? We might as well forfeit now.

I remember that 'Ed's Up' episode at the Ticats training camp where Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies was assigned to wash a whole bunch of equipment that rhymes with socks.
Perhaps there are BNL fans bidding on those unmentionables as we speak....

Oskee wee wee

Obie really blew it on this one.

Hurts the continuity in the equipment, laundry room.He was such a nice guy.
He wasnt used properly, the shoulder pad storage, detergent schemes were all wrong.
Another CFL team that knows how to use him will pick him up quickly and will come back to haunt us.
Another expensive, big name hiring for the support staff that will backfire.