Ticats find a way for diehards to help increase the fan base

Well, I see the Ticats just posted an opportunity for all the die-hard seasons ticket holders to help increase the fan base.

This seems to be a great way for fans themselves to take part in the marketing and promotion of the Ticats.

I like this idea of getting tickets for potential new Ticats fans by offering them at season Ticket holder prices......up to 37% off

It reminds me of Ford's Employee Pricing sorta...... 8)

And as a bonus, there is a contest to see who can bring the most new fans..... :rockin:

[i]Ticats Season Seat Holders, you are the 13th man of your Hamilton Tiger-Cats and we want you to make Ivor Wynne the loudest stadium in the league for this Friday's game against the Montreal Alouettes. Season Seat Holders are encouraged to bring their friends and purchase additional tickets to this game at the Season Seat Holder price, which is up to 37% off the price of Single Game Tickets.

Any Ticats Season Seat Holder who brings more than 5 friends out to the game will be entered into a draw to win great prizes including:

* Four Bronze tickets to the October 12 game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
* Four Platinum tickets with access to a field tour before the October 12 game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers
* A suite for you and 11 friends to the October 12 game against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers

The Season Seat Holder who purchases the most tickets will win a game worn 1960's Retro Helmet, worn in our victory over the Toronto Argonauts in the Labour Day Classic.

To order your additional tickets for this Friday's game, call 905-547-CATS (2287).

The "casual" fans still have to turn the TV off, put their bag of cheezies down, get up off the couch and brush off sweat pants and get down there.

Sweet!!! C'mon STHs...fill 'er up!

I consider myself a flexi-fan! I'll do what I can to help out...awaiting responses from 5 ugly stooges as we speak!

Let's bring the 13th man out in full Hammertown force!

LMAO... I'm in the same boat. Supposedly I have 11 people coming out this friday but only 4 have paid up so far. Canada Day I managed to get 23 together and 17 on Labour Day. Thinking of doing something for Thanksgiving if I dont decide to head up north.

Man..that's awesome! Need a bunch more like you! I'm pretty pumped for this game. The Als usually bring a pretty solid showing of fans, too..though might be tougher on a Friday night. I know broadcasting dictates, but sometimes I wish these Friday night games started a bit later. It's like an f'n fire drill trying to get down there in time.

I agree. I hate week day games - g/f can't go. Having said that, TSN almost doubled the amount they paid to the CFL over previous years so... they call the shots. Let's all go to the game and then to Hooters after!!!