Ticats fans

if you are going to the game be sure to bring noise makers like horns , cow bells anything that makes noise
if all 24,000 of us make noise when montreal has the ball then we will surely make a difference in the game .

The reason is because the qb cannot hear the play calls clearly and cannot call out the play clearly so players may not hear properly and of course if they want t6o change the play which often happens it is almost impossible ..hence this gives us a huge advantage

last year in the grey cup you saw the effect it had on out offfence as he ball was hupped over burris head etc
it 's much more difficult to run an offfence with all that noise

let's help out guys and give them that advantage ..each person can make a difference

You are so right :thup: BRING IT TIGERTOWN on DEFENCE :rockin: Crompton seemed confused with all the NOISE :rockin:

Ask yourself ? What can I do as a Ticats Fan on Sunday to help this team WIN ? :rockin:

Don't let up even in the unlikely event that the Larks manage to take the lead! :o Fans will need to be EVEN LOUDER if possible to fire up the D and keep the Montreal offense off balance! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: