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Hello all. I'm a WVU fan, but I mean no harm here. I understand the angst you are all feeling, as we just went through it. I just wanted to say that right now it doesn't appear the Taaffe is heading our way, but nobody seems to know for sure. Either way, it seems like you're split on whether you want to keep him or not. What has the experience been like with him as head coach?

Is that you Charlie? :slight_smile:

Lou Holtz - Thanks for the reply - as a true Tiger Cat for numerous years I am at a loss for words considering the latest developments. I get a gut feeling it is only a matter of time before Charley has the press conference in West Virgina. Too bad - I thought if anyone could turn this team around - Charley would have been the man.

Even after a horrid season last year, most fans were willing to give Charlie the benefit of the doubt. He inherited a young team that needed lots of work.
However after the merry-go-round the last few days, I fear that Charlie would'nt be welcomed back here with open arms.

The guy has proven himself everywhere he goes.

Just click here

Our previous rookie G.M. stripped the team
of all of our coaches and veterans players

to 'remove the culture of losing'
and to meet the new CFL salary cap.

Rookie U.S. co-ordinators and players
made the whole season a nightmare, lou,

that no Head Coach could have changed.

That's it in a nutshell but
the best answer is his bio.

I been a Huge Charlie Booster
I wanted him as our Coach
I spent a great Deal of Time With Charlie Watching Practices from Training Camp to our Final one last season

I got know that Man I thought.
Now I am Not sure what to think

Thanks guys. Onknight, I sent you another gmail. It might be easier if we just chat on the gmail feature if that works. I appreciate all the input.

As you spent alot of time with Charlie at pracice etc. Tom, I think that you'll agree that he wouldn't devulge everything that was on his mind.

What is his reputation in the CFL as a whole? I know he’s had more than 1 stint, but what do people generally think of him?

Nice guy, dosen't like to be the bad guy. Good teacher. Good designer for running attack, not as gifted with the passing game. His pro teams anyway have always had discipline issues. Not a briliant coach but well suited as a coordinator or position coach especially in American College Ball.

I Talked to charlie a lot During the season .
Of Course he would not talk about the game plan in Detail.
No coach would
But if you watched Practice you see what we where planing Then I'd ask my Questions
He give his answers The best he Could

That's How you learn about the game.
I have Great Respect for Him that way
He always had time for Fans Not just me.
He would talk about Footwork on a QB and how plays work. What to look for on plays keys ect

I learned a lot from Charlie and his Staff.
I fact I'd say he made me a Better Fan

louholtzlithp and I Just interviewed each other for our Respective Blogs.

Enjoy the read

Thanks Thomas! My link is here, by the way. http://letsgodrinksomebeers.blogspot.com

I just went to This Blog
They are Pretty Close 99% Taaffe is new OC at WVU

Na Na Na Na Hay hay hay Good Bye

I never liked him, his play calling is predictable and he's too set in his own way of doing things. He's probably a lot more suited for the college level, his playbook is too weak for the pro's.

rftt wrote-to 'remove the culture of losing'
and to meet the new CFL salary cap.

Rookie U.S. co-ordinators and players
made the whole season a nightmare, lou,

that no Head Coach could have changed.
:x So are you saying Taaffe had no responsibility for the Nightmare season of 2007?? I think Marcel and Charlie were both to blame, From Charlies bone head training Camp cuts to his knee jerk mid season adjustments. ----the sooner they fire his --- the better :x