Ticats Fans versus Argos Fans

I was raised in Hamilton and consider myself a Hamilton guy . l left HAMILTON at age 22 to Toronto for work in the IT market and have been here for 25 years . A Huge Ticats fan all the while and BACKER of Hamilton.

One thing I noticed is that the Toronto fans are lame in general. The Toronto Blue Jays is very quiet with very little energy or enthusiasm. The same goes for the ARGOS . They see going to a game like seeing a movie or a play . Sit and get entertained .

This theory was clearly illustrated this weekend . The Ticats fans were all decked out in Black and Gold all very loud, and loyal . Ticats fans don't go to the game to sit on their hands and be entertained . They go to support their team and show it in every way . Most Toronto fans stood around with their jaws open as Ticats fans chanted and swarmed everywhere around their stadium . It was something that they are not used to seeing and was really the story of the day and the entertainment . I understand that many of the ARGO fans saw it as a bunch of drunk blue collar red necks who have nothing else to cheer about . While others ,like myself . see a bit of that but mostly see a group of hard core fans that love their team and are die hard and love the team , the game and their city and are here to support them and have a good time at it .

Two totally different fan bases. I am generalizing as i'd say 30 % of the Argo fans are a lot like the ticats fans and really we only got to wee mostly die hards making the trek to Toronto .

I noticed too the Argo's have very little to say in form of chants, songs, etc ..
While the Ticats fans have a lot of material to keep them chanting all day long ......it's not just the OSKIE WEE WEE chant ....
there are a lot of others ranging from ARGOS SUCK to buttons, tsirt and a website to support it .

I also noticed that most Toronto media downplayed the amount of Ticats fans . TSN did not show the stadium view to show the entire west side of black and gold and hardly commented on the louder Ticats fans making for more of home field advantage . the camera seemed to only focus on one small section of ticats fans portraying to the TV audience that the ticats fans were only in one section .

Most Toronto media were more on about FORD's arrival at the game than anything .

I've been wondering what the balance of fans at the game was, and this is the only comment I can find:

Dan Ralph, "Burris Outduels Ray" (CP)
"Much like Toronto's historic Grey Cup win, the atmosphere inside Rogers Centre on Sunday was electric — and loud as fans didn't waste any time getting into it well before the opening kickoff as horns blared loudly. Ticats supporters, who clearly outnumbered their Toronto counterparts, chanted their traditional "Argos Suck" refrain while the Double Blue faithful countered by yelling "Let's Go Argos."


Hmmm ?

The Attendance was 35,418 and I would say roughly half were visible TIcats fans ....

I would guess 16,000 - 17,000 Ticats Fans since the entire West Side first level and 2knd was Black and Gold and likely 80% Ticats fans and then there were likely 25 % Ticats Fans on the other side