Ticats fans tame compared to soccer fans.....

Did you guys hear about this?.....I think I'll stick with football.

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[i]Soccer game shut down due to hooligans
Sep, 12 2006 - 12:20 PM

HAMILTON (AM900 CHML) - Several box seats have been damaged following a Canadian Soccer League match at Ivor Wynne Stadium.
About 5,000 fans turned out last night to see Serbia battle Croatia and from what we're told by police, it sounds like the hardest fought battle was in the stands.

Police say fans were firing flares and firecrackers at each other.

The league and police asked fans by way of the the P.A. system to stop or else they'd stop the game and when the shenanigans continued, the game was eventually stopped.

There were some scuffles among fans after they were escorted out of the stadium but nobody was arrested.

  • Jay McQueen [/i]

Too many hits with the soccer ball does cause brain damage, albeit mostly to the fans.Soccer is after all, a simple game for simple minds.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Soccer is football.

That inicident has next to nothing to do with sports and everything to do with ethnic rivlaries and people looking for an opportunity to cause trouble.
Serbs vs. Croats is centuries old, they just fought a major war 15 years ago. Whoever thought the game would be a good idea ought to have his head examined.

serbs and croats have been doing this juvenile crap years in hamilton. they love it. they plan on getting into a fight when they go there or at least watching one. its an embarrassment and makes me sick. i agree whoever scheduled this game made a big mistake.

8) What do you expect, this is just par for the course for these idiots !!! The police should have arrested as many of the offending morons as they could and made them pay for all the damages they caused !!!!

"These idiots" being soccer fans, or Slavs?

Must have been spare O.P.P officers from the Caledonia operation doing extra "paid duty".....how else could you explain "no arrests" when violence and damage happened?


Hmmm ... can anyone think of any other centuries-old ethnic or racial conflicts that we can work into this thread?

From the Spectator article:

[Canadian Soccer League commissioner Cary Kaplan says] "“We haven’t been informed at Ivor Wynne or at the (Lamport) field in Toronto that there is a strict no-flare policy.”

That’s an interesting viewpoint there. Flares are OK unless someone informs you there is a strict no-flare policy.

I imagine the next time the CSL tries to rent a stadium that there is going to have to be a very long list of what is not permitted since “common sense” seems to be missing here.

  • No hand grenades
  • No setting fire to the seats
  • No giraffes in the stands


Remember a couple of years ago when that post-game fireworks show at Ivor Wynne set the turf on fire? That was funny.

well if the soccer fans were slavs then he would be referring to both and any other idiot that goes to a soccer game to get into a fight.

Just one: Argos Suck

Wow....and I did think that Ti-Cat fans were rough. In other cities I've lived in (Calgary & Winnipeg), the fans are nothing like Ti-Cat fans. Oh, how I miss Hamilton....but there is nothing better than an obnoxiously loud Ti-Cat fan in Calgary! :wink:

If they can't live in CANADA in peace then send 'em back to their "home countries" to fight.
What a bunch of Idiots! :roll:

2nd :thup: