Ticats fans in Toronto?

I thought I would pass along a bit of news I just heard on the radio and verified at the ____'s website.

[url=http://www.argonauts.ca/Argos/News/2008/05/08/05_08_08.html]http://www.argonauts.ca/Argos/News/2008 ... 08_08.html[/url] http://www.thestar.com/fpLarge/video/425745

"At the Argonauts Drive-Through, ticket discounts will range from 40%-50% for the home opener. Special one-day prices are $30 for one ticket and $100 for 4 tickets in a special 100 level section. This gives Argos supporters and THE FAN 590 listeners the chance to get the best seats for the home opener the day before single-game tickets go on-sale to the public."

In case you didn't know, the home opener is July 3rd against your Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Seems to be a pretty great deal if you ask me. So I just thought I would pass it along to any Tiger-Cat fans in the Toronto area.

I am heading down after work and picking up some tickets and paying with my Hamilton Tiger-Cats Mastercard!

Take that Pinball!!

Oskee Wee Wee,

  • paul

Looks like a great deal, Paul. I’m pretty sure I can afford the time to get in on this.

Thanks for putting this up.

It would be great to stack the Rogers Centre with Ticat faithful.

The best bet is to take the GO bus or train to the game that day.

It drops you off at Union station which is a short walk to the Dome.

You don't pay for gas, or parking and you don't have to drive after having a few over priced beers.

It would be great if that Cat's could talk to GO and see if they could get a train to come right into Hamilton GO station for fans who want to go. That's reallllly dreaming though.


So I just got back from the ____ drive through ticket promotion and grabbed two seats in section 109 with a face value of $100 for only $60!

Not bad if you ask me.

When I went to purchase the tickets they asked me if I would like to meet some of the players who happened to be throwing around a football nearby and my response was a blunt, “No, not really.” I think I shocked them a bit, but once I pulled out my Tiger-Cat Mastercard to pay for the tickets, they understood why and we exchanged some playful banter.

Oskee Wee Wee live in Toronto, Thursday July 3rd!

  • paul

Drop by the tailgate!

I can do that, when and where?

  • paul

Southwest corner of parking lot located at the southwest corner of bremner boulevard and York.


Pretty great idea, I would go. Unfortunately your right, even though they preach public transit, it takes forever. By the time you drive to the Burlington train, you might as well drive the extra 1/2h to the dome. Even with parking, gas and especially everyones precious time, it's not cheaper to take the train. Would it really hurt to send 1 train our way though?

Hey Paullywood. I would like to go to this game. I will be flying in from Vancouver Island. Could I stay with you maybe???