Ticats Fans going to Moncton - OPEN THREAD

I thought I'd create a link for those fans planning to head to Moncton .

Thought we could share our plans, places to see in Quebec and the east coast , things to do in Moncton and activities leading up to the game . I am wonddring when all the fun starts ? thursday before the game ?

We are planning to drive Sat Sept 14 and stop in Quebec City overnight and then onto Moncton. Then proceeed to take the confederation Bridge to PEI and travel through PEI and take a ferry to Cape Breton Cheticamp and check out teh Cabot Trail for a few days and camp ....then proceed to HALIFAX for a day ort two and be back in Moncton for the Thursday and all the game week parties , street festival and TOUCHDOWN ATLANTIC CANADA atromsphere

Please feel free to share your previous experiences in the east coast or TOUCHDOWN ATLANTIC , PLANS THIS YEAR ETC ..

Would love to know if anyone knows of any must see spots on cabot tail , PEI, HALIFAX, Nova Scotia in general .
Places to enjoy the east coast friendliness and acadian culture....

Take in an CIS-AUS football game. Here's the schedule for the two weekends in question.

Week 2:
Saturday, September 14 - StFX at Concordia, 1:00pm
Saturday, September 14 - Saint Mary's at Montreal, 1:00pm
Saturday, September 14 - McGill at Mount Allison, 2:00pm
Saturday, September 14 - Laval at Acadia, 2:00pm

Week 3:
Friday, September 20 - Acadia at StFX, 7:00pm
Friday, September 20 - Saint Mary's at Mount Allison, 7:00pm

Checking out a Mount Allison game in Sackville is prolly your best bet. The 14th versus McGill is Homecoming. Friday night the 20th versus SMU is always quite the experience. About a half hour drive from Moncton to Sackville.

I expect that game to be held in Moncton on the Friday night.

Good point. Thanks for the correction HfxTC!

Thanks guys !!

I am going with my girlfriend, so another football game might be a hard sell but i can always try :slight_smile: Claim we can experiecne east coast university culture :slight_smile:

But with MTA, we will have to wait for confirmation if they plan to participate. They are a fussy bunch so they may prefer to host the game on their muddy field... I have a feeling it will be in Moncton. I don't even know if MTA is capable of hosting a night game.


Is the Titanic experience worth checking out in Halifax ?

I've always had very good luck by simply hopping in a cab and giving the driver $40 give or take and ask him/her to show me the stuff I need to see that's not on the regular tourist tours. I've never been disappointed.

Oh cool that is a good idea thanks Fenderguy :slight_smile:

By the way , are you heading to Moncton ?

Haven't decided as yet. Haven't been to Touchdown Atlantic yet or to Moncton for a few years. Last time I was there I was single and the female to male ratio was about 2-1 ... Good times!

On its own it is underwhelming but there are a few other exhibits at the museum that make it worthwhile. The Halifax Explosion the largest detonation in Canadian history killed many more people than the Titanic and is really interesting and part of the museum. You can also visit the Old Keith's Brewery and then finish it off with an evening of celtic evening at the Lower Deck pub.

Sadly passed labour day, there is not much to do in Atlantic Canada.

I am just hoping the CFL /Cats/ Alouettes have annointed a bar as a meeting place for their fans and for local fans to gather ,a couple of day before the game and have some sort of festivites/interaction with players/ cheerleader / mascots /radio / TSN personalities -------I am not so sure this time around the CFL has any big plans for street closures/festivities etc ------This game is a CFL game and purchased from the Cats as such so not sure what they have planned -------all I can say is I hope all 3 parties involved are going to do this event up right.-------It is early yet , hopefully as the time gets closer more details will be released from the teams and CFL .

See this is where I think it was a mistake to hold this game in September. University is in full swing, so your limited by how much you can do on University grounds and the weather makes making outdoor activities very risky.

But Hfx this game has always been held in September and weather has been pretty good , ---the stadium atmosphere on game day will be great , I am more concerned the "Mini G.C atmosphere " in the downtown core leading up to the game will be "less" this year ---------The first year (argo's/Esks) the atmosphere was electic , not sure about the last time cause I missed it ------If each team has a designated spot for the fans to gather starting Thurs night , with some great martime music with players etc coming and going it will be great . Guess we shall see.

Your right... Well lets just hope the weather is decent. Its really hit and miss late September.

The last TD Atlantic street festival was very good. I know Kim Mitchell and Sloan played on different nights, and the downtown core was pretty packed. As for bars in the downtown area, the Pumphouse Brewery is worth checking out. It was full of CFL fans and there was a meet and greet involving members of 13thman. Good food and lots of different micro-brews to try. The Blueberry Ale was especially good.Can't wait to go back in September!!!