Ticats Fans at Rogers Centre

If you have been mistreated by Rogers Centre Security or have been a witness, please file a complaint with the Toronto Argos.


The last time I was at the Skydome, I found the security and ushers there to be helpful and most willing to assist. I had someone sitting behind us who was using foul language around not only our children but others as well. The usherette was not only helpful in getting us seated somewhere more appropriate but also spoke to the offender directly.

I can't speak to anyone else's experience...but for me and my family :thup: :thup:

i wasn't mistreated but i do think having to watch an Arholes team play is some form of abuse..

I heard not only was, Argo Security turfing Ticat fans for being "TOO LOUD", but check out the Programs they were giving out.
At least 3 players on the Ticats Line Up are no longer on the team, but LMAO!!, Ricardo Colclough appears on both teams Line Ups. Hmmmm, and who was wearing #17 or #18 for the Cats. That says volumes about that organization.
Let me do up our Programs for Turkey Day, and watch the Turkeys that appear in the Argo Line Up.

Heard horror stories about what Rogers staff have done to Argo fans over the years.

My son, daughter-in-law and 4 year old granddaughter encountered a dozen boorish fans at a Jays game once. Even though my son and other fans complained, the usher did nothing to stop their behaviour and inappropriate language. It was only after a fight that they were escorted out of the Rogers Centre.

There were many of us on Friday night who were mistreated and many were kicked out.
Don't blame all the opposition fans. It was only a few who caused most of the ejections.
If you were mistreated without cause, please contact the league and the Arblows to file a complaint.
The end result was a win and I truly believe our loud presence had something to do with it.
Lets take this weekend's game and move on from there.

If you have something to submit to the Arblows regarding this night, contact dbedford@argonauts.ca

I'm curious to know what happened.. we had no problems, however there was nobody around us (seriously). There were empty seats all over.

How about the boorish Arblow fans chirping at the end of the game? Looking for fight? Get a life and act like you watched a football game, this is not MMA.

not sure if people are talking about a specific incident but I was at both games in TO this year and haven’t had a single problem. Theres going to be idiots at any game you go to no matter where it is but as far as security and game day staff I thought everything was fine.