Ticats fans angry at Holmes?.........no way!

I would rather have a player on my team who is a committed family man than one who jumps ship on his family during the birth of a child.....

I agree with him leaving however... maybe the planning of the birth should been thought out better.

Let the flames begin. :frowning:

I think Corey was right where he should have been with his wife and family . Anyone who get down on him should really give their head a shake and check their priorities .

I wish Corey and his family all the best .

Talk to God on that one :stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps you mean inducing labour. Without getting into details that would make you boys cringe, I'll say that doctors don't generally induce labour for the average woman unless it's a medical necessity

no , I'm talking about the events that took place at christmas. wink wink.

I think Corey was exactly where he should have been. Did it hurt that he wasn't here? Sure.. but family comes first. I wish him and his whole family the best with their new baby and (with BG) I wish his wife a speedy and easy labour!! :slight_smile:

:lol: that would have been my other guess.

Who am I? Probably much like you, I am simply another human offering an opinion. One difference though, mine comes with the knowledge that "want to lose" and "commitment" are 2 different issues.

Wake up little suzie! I never said Corey wanted this team to lose. I only suggested that he, among other players on this team, is not committed and probably disgruntled, so he went home. Believe me I know he never went home to watch gilligans Island, he likely went home thinking he was getting away from Gilligans Island.

I have NO idea about what anybody is talking about here.


Considering the circumstances, could it have been planned any better?

He got to make a statement!

Corey is a special player, (one that is as of yet STILL unsigned... ie free to go where he pleases next season if he's unhappy)

we know what he can do on the field (and what are the chances of Paopao still being here next year to hold him back)

we need to get this guy signed, and to do so we need to keep him happy.

There's nothing wrong with missing a game for the birth of your child. I don't know that I would, but its definitely an option that should be respected.

Wait, you're actually saying that he went home to attend to his family business as a COVER for making a statement to the team?

I usually try to engage in intelligent debate, but seriously... that's monumentally stupid. And ignorant. And classless. Consider the person you're implicating here. Holmes has NEVER EVER taken a single play off, for any team. That's just not the we he (or any pro ball player worth their salt) works.

Not committed?? Guys like Goss and Maas and many others playing hurt. Other players flying out to meet the team at the last minute to step in for an injured player. Shifting from their natural position and working thier butts off. Taking part in community events when they're being boo'd off the field by the same fans who will line up to kiss the a$$es in person?? If that's not commitment I'd certainly love to hear your definition of it. How, exactly do you know he's disgruntled?? Didn't sound disgruntled ot me when he said how much he appreciated it that he was allowed to go be with his wife.

PS. My name is not Suzie.

I never said Corey wanted this team to lose. I only suggested that he, among other players on this team, is not committed and probably disgruntled, so he went home.
This is the problem with wholesale changes in the off season without a football man to make trades with chemistry in mind,maybe it's asking alot ,yes it is indeed.

I really believe after watching Corey return kicks lacklusterly and fumbling two that his heart is in Regina or Mississipi or both.

If you suggesting that players do not play their cards, particularly near contract time, you may be a tad naive. They do! So get over my opinion. Don't lose sleep over it.

BTW, I notice many of your postings have disregarded tact. Now that's ignorant.

Hey dropkickpro:

Football is still only a game. Being a parent and a husband is real life.
If you don't get that.....consider this also: if he had stayed he might have been given the ball three times during the whole game based on how he has been used in previous games. Would that be worth staying for?

All contractual obligations! Bare minimum effort is not a commitment which wins championships, Lucy.

What will make all this fester pleasantly is this Saturday evening in Regina Corey Holmes is going to have a BIG night.

Ok I'm not a rocket scientist....

LOL "Football is still only a game"

Pro football is a business, both for the owners and the PLAYERS. Getting paid is real life too.

As to your question; Would that be worth staying for?" I ask you Why are there players sitting on the bench NOT getting ANY action some games? Should THEY not stay home too?

Welcome back to reality.

Still don't get it I see. Stay single lad ( I assume you are).