Ticats fans angry at Holmes?.........no way!

"But after the Cats were thrashed by Toronto, many Ticat fans expressed dismay, gusting up to anger, that Holmes had not been at the game."

I just read a great piece in today's Spectator which turned out to be a rather interesting read about the recent team policies (all professional teams) regarding family obligations surrounding the birth of their children.

Although, as I said, it was a good read and an interesting topic, I don't recall any great "push-back" from the fans regarding Corey Holmes missing the game last week....did I miss something?
Corey seemed to be defending his actions in this article and I don't think he needed to because there was no "anger" from fans as was suggested.
Perhaps Holmes was mis-informed by someone and he now believes fans were upset while he was away.

I'm not and I barely thought about it until now when I read this.

Here's the article in it's entirety:

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I repeat though, in general, this was a well written piece and a great subject in general for debate.

For the record, I'm all for letting players leave to be with their families during childbirth. After all, how often does an athlete get to smoke a cigar anyhow? :lol:

Where did he get his information that fans were angry....Mart York????? It is this kind of crap that will drive players away from Hammilton

I fully support his decision to go back home. It is hard enough to be away from your family for 5 months of the summer without expecting a child.

And really...the way the Cats played would Cory have made a difference???? We barely even used him the week before in Winnipeg.

Don't worry Cory....you are supported fully in the Steel City.

8) I only heard of 2 people questioning the decision to let Cory return home, and they were both callers on the Fifth Quarter !! Ted Micheals was all in favour of letting Holmes go home. Anyway, we all know what Ron Lancaster thinks of Fifth Quarter callers don't we !!!!!!! :lol: :lol:

I think that one idiotic guy complained that he wasn't there on the 5th quarter to Ted michaels but Michaels shot him down immediately. Family comes 1st,2nd and last then comes work.

Funny, I wonder where Milton gets this from saying many fans were upset by Corey missing the game. I don't recall anyone mentioning it here on the board and if anyone were to complain about something it would be done here.

Is Milton the next Marty York trying to stir up a hornets nest from nothing?

"You have to put your priorities in order," Holmes calmly explained. "God comes first, then my family."

Well, Corey, God's a Ticat fan and He wanted a win!


Anger at Holmes for missing the Toronto game? NO WAY!

There is no place I would rather be than with my wife when she is giving birth to my child. I support Holmes decision to go home and be with his wife.


I don't recall anyone mentioning it here on the board and if anyone were to complain about something it would be done here.
yeah, that's what I thought. I took a chance posting this as I didn't really look back in the threads but honestly, I didn't recall even reading about any hostility.....perhaps a few mentioned it before the game but only in passing regarding roster changes for the game....

Corey and his family and friends have to know that Hamilton fans, although passionate about our team, fully understand and support the notion that they have lives too and would never stoop to complain about attending a birth.

We're tough but we cry at births too!... :smiley:

If a team I played on wouldn't allow me time to return home for the birth of my child, the minute I became a free agent I would be gonzo from that team.

Two years ago, Holmes' wife was eight months pregnant when she had a car accident. She survived, but not the baby.

The following week, Kenton Keith was injured and couldn't play. Although Holmes was totally entitled to stay home and mourn, he thought he could not let his "other family" down. So he stepped on the field and won over 150 yards to keep the Riders' playoffs hopes alive.

Life has given him and his wife a new opportunity to have that baby. Knowing the previous circumstances, Holmes would probably have given anything to attend that birth.

I believe no one can question Holmes' loyalty to his teammates, but he, amongst all, had all the reasons in the world to be with his wife.

I wish them a very happy family life.

I too thought Steve Milton was partying with Ricky Williams when I read that.


Corey not only had the support of the team...he had it from the fans as well.

You're good with us Cory :thup:

Good for the Cats on letting Corey be home with his wife. I agree with Corey on this and it is a shame how he was on the defensive in the article. He did nothing wrong and the apparent fans that were angry about this need to give their a head a shake.

Hopefully Corey see this, it's too bad the paper printed that, of course family comes first. Or well, second for him.

I commented on here before the game and I will repeat it again. There are only 10 dang real working days fo a CFL'er and Corey is being "excused" for one by the "team. SOMETHING IS UP! This "story" is not over.

What's up? Corey is unhappy. Or else! He would not have left for a game. And I don't for a minute believe the team (mgmt) was totally accepting that he did not dress Sat.

When I read between the lines, Corey was going, and nobody on the Cats mgmt was going to tell Corey, 'Corey we need you, you're NOT leaving unless you will be here for the game.' Publically, the team is already dealing with nightmares.

Mark my words, something is up!

PS: Is the baby born yet?

Would you like to borrow my username?

There's one in every group and an exceedingly high number on this site. I love conspiracy theorists.

Now back to Corey. I had no idea what happened to him and his wife. That is terribly sad and I wish him all the best. Who could blame him for wanting to be with his wife during this time. Nothing comes before my family so I can respect a guy who puts his family before his career. I wish his wife a speedy and easy labour and a happy and healthy baby.

Couldn't have said it better myself, BG.

To me, missing a game to attend the birth of a child is a better reason than almost any other I can think of. Even injured players come and stand on the field, but a father-to-be has an obligation to be elsewhere that's higher than the team. If I had seen anybody saying otherwise... man, I would have set them straight! It's not even a question.

I mean, I understand Lancaster's views, but I really respect that he realizes the difference between 'old school' and 'new school' and acts accordingly. Times change and everyone has to change with them.

Why would anyone say we missed Corey Holmes?

He's been hurt anyway and done very little so who missed him?

Did you know that CFL coaches and co-ordinators attend to their career 14-20 hours a day, 7 days a week at the ballpark during football season? Why? Commitment!

I respect commitment too. Now if only all the players would commit to offering their all, every game, maybe this team would be playing to happy fans.

PS: Has the baby been born yet or is Corey taking a pass on the Sask game too?

Who are you to say that the players are NOT giving their all every game?? Don't tell me you're deluded enough to think that these guys actually WANT to lose.

As for him "taking a pass" on the Sask game, he's playing and will be going home in the days off before the Labour Day game. It's not like he didn't come to the game because he wanted to watch Gilligan's Island, his wife needed him and he was there, IMHO that makes him a great husband and father as well as a great player.