Ticats fan turned Redblacks fan

What a season!

Sure our record wasn't that great, but I'm a former die-hard Ticats fan. I'm used to losing seasons! haha

I managed to make it to 3 games this past season and they won 2 of them! (I'm a good luck charm)

I've purchased season tickets for next year and I'm pumped!

Though part of me will always bleed Black and Gold the Redblacks are my guys!

North side sucks!


How long were you a TiCats fan for, and how much Ottawa football have you had to endure prior to this?

I've been a Ticats fans since their Cup victory in '86. (I was 6). I wasn't a "die-hard" fan until the 90's though.

As for Ottawa football... haven't edured much. Never had a reason to pay attention to The Rough Riders or Renegades (other than seeing Hamilton beat them) until I moved to Petawawa.

So are you going to be coming in from Petawawa for the games next year? That's a bit of a haul!


I went to 3 games this past season (saw both victories and a huge storm!) and let me tell you... by the time I get home I'm BEAT!

A friend and myself put about 4000 km on our cars travelling to games this year (from Kingston). Going to do it again next year , hopefully with a couple more buds.

Just got my season tix renewed. Moving down to lower bowl. Can't wait for season to start.

There seems to be quite a few people going ahead and doing just that. Good to hear. There was no real reason to think of the whole thing as a one-year wonder but you like to see evidence.

You've probably seen on the website that a couple of the players are calling "renewers" to say thanks, so...good luck! :thup:

We did the same thing on day one of the renewal and added extra tickets to our group. Going to be positioning ourselves for the 2017 Season :slight_smile: (Grey Cup a coming!!)

Talked to my Rep (Jake) today. He said they very happy with number of renewals, especially in the last 25 days. Looks like vast majority are renewing and quite a few are adding seats. :rockin: :rockin:

I would expect the same number of renewals as we had season tickets this year. MOST will be renewing as we know this year was going to be tough for the team to compete with castoffs from other teams. The good thing is we do have a great base of fans going forward. And with some smart off season acquisitions, The RedBlacks could be a nice surprise come June!!

On another note, Jake (my rep too :wink: ) and all the staff inside the ticket office are doing a great job at getting fans to continue talking up the RedBlacks!!

Die-Hard Southsider looking forward to Season TWO :thup:

Negativity seldom escapes those doors. Everything that the team and its staff ever says is positive. Even when they were losing constantly it was always "brighter days ahead" and gratitude for the support in the meantime.

Quite a far cry from what I was used to from the various ownership groups. And from watching the Friends of Lansdowne sing protest songs on the banjo on youtube. :wink: I like this much better. :lol:

Please no, don't remind me of the "protest" song!!!! :frowning: :frowning: :roll: :roll:

Rusty! Say it ain't so!

I grew up in Hamilton and was a long time Ticat fan but then I moved to Ottawa and became a Gades fan and now a REDBLACKS fan. Even though I moved away from Ottawa a couple of years ago I bought a couple of mini packages and will drive the 300km to take in 4 or so games.
I also got a Ticat mini package for my second favourite team.