TiCats Fan Reaction

As some of you may know, a guy by the name of Steve Dangle, does a video after each
and every Toronto Maple Leafs. Being a Maple Leaf fan, i have grown
up with these videos, through each and every
regular season game, (and even a few playoff games.)

I was inspired this season to essentially adapt that into a Hamilton
Tiger-Cats scenario. Making a video after all the TiCat games in the 2017
season. The thought was there...... I failed. After 0-3 i vowed to not make
a video until they won a game !

That gets us to this past Week losing to Edmonton. Making a video
hoping to break the curse and spark the Cats in a small way.


this is the channel if you feel like following along in the journey...

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TicatsFanReact

There will be no video this year with these coaches and the players we have!


this is a tough season. but hopefully my content can
bring some sort of entertainment to fans of the Cats
and maybe even other CFL teams out there !

Ticats Fan Reaction YouTube Channel:

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Got to stop spinning around bro, I couldn't watch it, it was making me dizzy (seriously). I like your other videos though, and still gave a THUMBS UP.

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hahaha totally understand bro. my bad !