TiCats Fan Reaction '18 - Mental Block.

Instead of playing tough and smart, Ticats played defiantly stupid. I saw guys taking swings at Ottawa players infront of the reeferee. That’s just begging for a flag. It’s like this team suddenly pops open a can of stupid when they should be popping open a can of spinach. Make a big play (insert Popeye theme here) immediately open up large can of stupid and negate big play.

Totally agree!

At one point I actually said to the person sitting beside me,
“These guys are more of a Hamilton team than we are!”

Ottawa are the “Bully” type team, they get under people’s skin and
we almost seem like why don’t know what to do about it?!

Crazy. Gotta buckle down and get back to Ottawa!

Coach Jones is too soft on the discipline. It’s like a grandfather that lets you get away with things that your Dad wouldn’t tolerate.

They have ALL been soft on discipline. The $64,000 question is, why?

It certainly appears that way… when he was hired and became HC in August 2017 the players really bought into his persona and played hard for him. It seems to be wearing off… time to threaten the players with bringing back the tyrant Kent if they don’t smarten up.

I say its to late to do anything for the 2018 season. We’re made our bed and have to lie in it.
If you see anyway out of this mess you better tell J.J.
But 2019 can be a successful year. The off season will tell the tale.

Well put Kris

I remember writing in a post something about “ the honeymoon with JJ will come to an end?! Like I’ve said from day one after his 2017 late season blunders, this guy is too soft and will not demand discipline from players. If I could go back to those posts I would but dont know how. Ok, I figured it out and have ressurected the “ coaching? thread. Have a read! Nothing has changed about JJ.