TiCats Fan Reaction '18 - Broken.

Reaction from the Tiger-Cats most recent loss to the Ottawa RedBlacks

-Loss of Brandon Banks is HUGE
-Masoli has to step up!
-Sinkfield Jr. could be the X-Factor for a Grey Cup run!

The only run likely for us is if the Grey Cup actually getz up out of itz vault and and makes a dash for THF! Other than that, no GC run for this team this year and a few more after that.

The team as a whole was not prepared at any level for this type of a game. Offense, defense, special teams (all year) even the coaches and this is not the first time for them. Masoli had his worse game of the season, running eh< receivers if it is your hands it is suppose to be a catch, defense I could see the zzzzzz’s when you lined up. I have no idea what has happened to Leonard went for the best last year to the goat this year. Daly has played better and I have never been a fan of Laurent he only plays when he feels like playing. The whole defense seemed to be down and needed a serious kick in the arse. Penalties are a cover up for a player not doing his job, what does that say about us? I repeat there is a lot of talent on this team it needs LEADERSHIP which they do not have at any level in this organization. Bob’s 5 year plan is now 15 going on 16 but he still must be making money or using us as a loss for tax purposes but he is no mister nice guy, if he was he would not be a billionaire.

One last thought on the receiver injuries including the whole league and the NFL. The last few years we have seen QB’s throwing the ball up and letting the receivers jump for it leaving open for injury. Receiver injuries are rampant in both leagues and this is definitely a major cause. Start putting the ball on the numbers like you are suppose to and you will cut down on the injuries.


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