ticats extra import this year ?

Anyone have amy idea where the cats will employ an extra import this year since we now have a non-import kicker with Setta gone ?

1 . Will we go with 4 import revievers instead of 3 ?
2. 4 import dlineman instead of 3
3. 2 import running backs with Keith being the fullback to go with Cobb ?

I can't see any other place as barker looks set at safety and our 4 O-lineman look pretty good with Gauthier hyandling the Offensiev tackle duties .

Punter at this point

Yeah, having a Punter/backup kicker certainly couldn't hurt. I'm ecstatic that we have an exceptional and Canadian placekicker, but putting some distance at kickoff doesn't sound like such a bad thing, even if it is only onto the practice roster.

I think The Ticats will Draft a Kicker..
Then use it to put keith on the Roster to give cobb a breather.

If I am not mistaken Obie has talked about going to 8 starting non-imports

  1. an extra starting Canadian at receiver?

  2. or Matt Kirk at DT?

so we may be able add a 2nd a high quality import
to rotate in on Defence, most likely on the D-line.

what happens if the league passes the new rule lol.

I'd like to see us go with 3 olinmen, one American guard, bring back that guy we had 2 years ago, the guy was a beast especially when it came to run blocking. And start Barker at safety and use an American punter.

250k to use Keith as a backup running back?

This team hasn't used I-Form since Marcel has taken over, and I don't see that changing.

So chances are that 2 American RBs (neither of whom aren't fantastic blockers) is probably not in the cards aside from special situations.

I would guess that we'll just start more than the base number of Canadians because that gives us ratio flexibility in case there are any injuries.

This is why i hoped our kicker was going 2 be a kicker/punter combo player and then would free up 2 positions for 2 imports (sadly, according 2 the board he is not )..

i would say linemen - you can't have 2 many good linemen, alot of plays (ie/ hand-offs) a runnin back gets all the credit; when it's the linemen that truely allow that 2 happen.

and something is going 2 happen w/ Keith.$250,000 grand - he better show up 2 training camp in shape, if he's healthy
or else he'll be cut quick.

RB - Cobb
- Keith
- Tre
- am i leaving somebody out??i thought we had 1 more talented player;It doesn't look like the log jam i thought it would look like.I thought we were stronger in that department.If that's the personel, i'd be looking 2 add a name or two and then slim down during camp/cuts etc...

Kenton Keith’s contract is for $140,000, I believe.

It seems that the size of Keith's contract is unknown. However, does it really matter? I guess it might for salary cap reasons, but I would think if he was going to be released for that reason it would have been done already. A two-headed beast of Keith and Cobb could produce major headaches for the DCs all over the league. Add in all our great WRs and I can't see this team not scoring a ton of points this season.

(Apologizes for going a little off topic)

I remember the article about the new NI DL player that was signed hinted at him possibly being Kirk's backup. That would indicate to me that they want to start Kirk (a NI) at DT. So with Kirk, Barker, Stala and 4 OL we have all 7 Canadians. Although after the CBA with the CFL and CFLPA there may very well be less than 7 Canadians that have to start. The CFL wants to make it 4 from what I hear. I am sure they will meet in the middle at 5-6 or maybe even just stay at 7.

My guess is the extra american will be a receiver.

My hope would be that the cats use the extra import at defensive line I still think we need a lot of help there.The coaches seem to concentrate on the dbs and obies acquired new dbs and traded one of them.If the other qb has all day to throw all dbs are going to look bad.

This would be a traditional CFL roster set, with D L stacked with Imports, :thup: Bring back the Sack attack in the Hammer :cowboy: Imho Barker at DB, in a Blitze package? 8)