Ticats Extend Obies Contract

8) The TiCats have announced today that they have extended GM Bob O'Billovich contract for another 2 years.
   Both parties will have a mutual option at the end of 2012.

  This year marks Bobs 34th season in the CFL, as a player, coach, or administrator.

   Congrats Obie !!!

By far...the best acquisition and signing by this team in a very long time.

Truly a legend in his own time.Everybody look's at Jim Popp and rightfully so, but there's another GM that get's overlooked for his outstanding work as a GM both in BC and in Hamilton.Obie, prop's for signing with the Ticat's when they were the running joke of the CFL and turning them into SERIOUS contender's for the grey cup.Keep doing what you do, better is better :cowboy:

Great news!

Best Resigning of year :thup:

8) I'm beginning to question the Cats statement of the fact that this is Obies 34th year being involved with the CFL.
  He began his career as a DB with Ottawa back in 1963, where he played for 5 seasons.  Granted, he may have been out of the league for a few years here and there in between his numerous jobs in the CFL, but I maintain his association with  the CFL has to be at least 38 to 40 years by now !!!

 Only Obie could give us the correct number of years, I imagine.   <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->


:thup: :rockin: :D

Very positive, he lays things on the line with no BS I say. :thup:

Best news since he was first signed!
Heckuva GM.
:thup: :thup: :thup:

Best news of the day. As long as he's here we have a shot.

In Obie We Trust.

Best possible off season signing the Cats could do!!!

Time will tell but the only part of Obie's game that I have not been impressed with is draft day.
364 days of support and admiration for the job he does.


:thup: Keep up the great work obie! if it wasn't for you we would be on the 10 YEAR PLAN :lol: and the on field product would still be the same!

Great news! We are finally getting stability in this organization.

I wonder if he got a raise ?