Ticats Extend Masoli - Report: Banks to follow

Per Justin Dunk.
Interesting side note - Kent Austin is still with the organization.


Quarterback Jeremiah Masoli and receiver/returner Brandon Banks are in Hamilton and expected to finalize and sign extensions with the Ticats, per sources.

Masoli and Banks were two large benefactors from the arrival of June Jones as head coach in late August. Masoli went 6-4 after being installed as the starter on Labour Day while Banks made the switch to playing receiver full-time.

The 29-year-old QB threw for 3,177 yards, 15 touchdowns and five interceptions while completing over 63 per cent of his passes, Masoli’s best numbers since coming to the CFL in 2013.

Banks posted career receiving highs in catches (67), yards (1,011) and touchdowns (eight). Speedy B had 52 yards before Labour Day and 959 in 10 games after.

Yes Guy!

Busy, busy, morning…

And yes Drew Edwards, you look like a dick now…

To be honest Edwards reported what he was told (granted I didn't agree with how he wrote it).
The bigger idiot to me is Banks himself, a guy clearly motivated by money and has taken multiple shots at this organization publicly on Twitter, and indirectly through Drew.

Im a big fan of his game but his attitude leaves a lot to be desired.

he will always be a dickwad

Even thoughBanks has rocked the boat lately on social media, Hamilton had to bring him and Masoli back. They have awesome chemistry, and single-handedly wontwo or three games for us down the stretch last year.

Excellent signings.

Signings have not been made official as of yet but I find it a bit of a chicken or egg situation.

Was trading Collaros a way to persuade Masoli to re-sign as probable starter and with Collaros now gone, does that put Masoli in the drivers seat re contract demands and negotiations?

Keep Collaros, Masoli might look elsewhere. Get rid of Collaros, Masoli likes his QB position but also has a stronger negotiating position.

Have to wonder if the team was almost assured of Masoli signing before trading Zach.

My guess is that the whole scenario is already locked in, and timing was orchestrated for how it would play out from a PR perspective.

Say goodbye to Zach, get all that coverage out of the way. Then Jeremiah gets his due as he is confirmed as the starter going forward (with a bit of Banks mixed in for extra goodwill). Lastly, the Johnny signing can be viewed in its proper perspective, since he will arrive with no guarantees and the need to prove himself.

Any other order and the media coverage (and fan reaction) would have included a lot of questions and uncertainties.

How about all the people who assured us that no one would trade for Collaros. Do they also look like dicks now?

I will wait for them to self-identify, since I can't be bothered to look up the dozens of posts that assured us there would be no takers.

Well, I don't think I ever actually said there would be no takers and he had zero trade value, but I certainly did say I thought he wouldn't attract much of an offer in light of his contract, benching, injuries, and poor results in recent years. A second round draft pick seems about right to me.

Could be worse. We could still have Ken Peters and his "Balsam Avenue Bengal Bunker"... lol

The moment Collaros was benched Masoli became the future. Jones wanted this and he got it. Put his personal stamp on quarterbacking on this team or else he wouldnt have re upped.

Good or bad it is ALL his to wear and own.

In fairness the story isn't written yet... I said "the only way someone will trade for Zach is if he takes a pay cut" - if Sask goes into this season with that Bonus paid and contract in tact, ill be the first to admit I was wrong.

3DownNation has already posted two stories about the renegotiation-in-progress.

I'm not surprised to hear that Zach is willing to renegotiate with another team, even though I was pretty sure he would not want to renegotiate with the Cats. This way he can still control his own destiny, and get a real chance to start. Good for him!

I agree Pat, Zach will have Bakari Grant, Chad Owens, Rob Bagg, Duron Carter and Roosevelt as a receiving corps, He is going into a very good situation if their Oline gives him some time to throw.

If Masoli is TiCat future, say good-bye to ever seeing a Grey Cup parade in Ham. Nice guy, I like him but he is not QB enough to take team ALL. DA. WAY.

Perhaps Banks deserved benefit of the doubt at one time when he beaked off but as of now he just painted a big fat target on his own back.

It's possible that Masoli may have already re-signed and they just haven't announced it yet.


Hey! Slomojo2005 We've been saying this for months now, and where has it
got us. When Masoli starts screwing up ,I guess we can say "I told you so".
But that attitude by us really doesn't help the team. So now our only hope is
Manzeil. GO JOHNNY GO!!(We need some kind of hope)