Ticats extend Dyakowski

From Drew's blog...

First, the news: the Ticats have signed guard Peter Dyakowski to a contract extension, keeping another potential free agent off the market. An official announcement is expected later today.
Great news!! I'm thrilled with this.

great news indeed.

One of my favorite players on and off field with a sardonic wit that keeps me in stitches. :lol:


Great! One of the most important re-signings on our list.

"Smartest" transaction in Canada. Delighted with this news.

He must've gotten the extra-large spatula he was holding out for as a signing bonus.

Well done TiCats! Without Marwan and Peter, the Oline struggled last year. I can’t wait for the season to start. :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the happy old guy)

My favourite tabbie!

Glad to hear it!


It will be great to see Peter and Marwan back on our "O" Line.
We have the most charitable and smartest guys in the league
right here. And, Oh yes! ,They can play football too!

You know you are a good o-lineman when you get credit for your work. We got to get him and Hage a cup ring.