Ticats expected for Touchdown Atlantic II

Not only do the Hamilton Fans get a new staduim, the Atlantic TiCat Fans get the TiCats for weekend. What a great news week! Start making plans. Touchdown Atlantic II should be quite a party!!!

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The most recent rumour is the possibility how there will be two games in a row in Moncton on consecutive weekends.
In order to maximize the costs of the added bleacher seats.
Not a bad idea.

i expect that this will be a Cats home game???

Alright...well....who's going to Moncton? I wonder if Hamilton airport would fly out there? If not I would assume Pearson does. To be fair though, I would expect then to run this game during the stadium construction. It just makes sense.

Not sure how us losing a home game is great news. I pay for 9 regular season home games.

Sort of how I feel too.But interesting in the same right to see how many Cats fans are out there

Speaking of which how in the world are you going to sell season tickets if the stadium is under construction?

And what about a playoff/East division final?

My guess is raise em a little and offer a shuttle from IWS to the said location.

I would hope once it is made official (and we don't even know if it is our turn this season. it might during a season where we have to deal with construction issues) that season ticket holders would be refunded the money for the cost of one game, and get a first crack at tickets for the game if you want to buy them.

Now that I've thought about it, how much would it suck if for the entire season they played in Moncton. I'm sure Cohon would be happy, he'd get to see if Moncton really could handle a whole season and be a viable permanent market.

Anyways, as far as a construction season, I think the best bet would be to squeeze as many Ti-Cat home games into the first half of the season. Let Toronto host the Labour Day Classic & rematch, hit a touchdown Atlantic game as a home game and if we make it to the post season, forfeit home-field advantage. That and maybe play a game at TD Waterhouse to drum up some regional interest or squeeze as many as possible into Ron Joyce for a game if need be.

There were rumors last year that it would be Hamilton vs Calgary, Scott Mitchell all but said it on the radio the other day. We’re losing a home game THIS year, its pretty obvious. However, with the recent developments you would think the league would rather wait until we get into a situation where we MUST play there rather than this one, it makes you wonder, is there more revenue from a Moncton game rather than a home game? (considering they can double up on season ticket holders?)

I don't think it's a case of more revenue, more so a case of guaranteed revenue. The league is the one running those games, and they are probably saying "If you guys play here, this is the flat rate you get for this game". Either way, if we did end up losing the home game, I would hope some kind of compensation for season tickets holders would be given.

It certainly is more revenue, Do you think they will give me 10% of my season tickets back in cheque form?
They might do a "10% credit back towards next years season tickets" or something like that, and considering its a construction year that will be the least they can do.

Im trying not to be negative, but i dont like this one bit.

I'm sure if the Cats are involved in a touchdown Atlantic game this year and you raised enough of a ruckus about it, the Ti-Cats would refund your money. The easy was to find out though would be to ask an Argos season ticket holder what happened with them last year or call your account rep.

You'll get something if we lose a home game. There is no indication in the rumour as to whether its a home game or road game anyway so just chill for now

You know the windchill is -14 right now…

Shouldn't be hard then should it :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

No, not hard and all. In fact shrunken and shrivelled.

too much info Jimmy :oops:

Does anyone know how the Argos handled it last year for their season ticket holders? I think that Hammer has it right, the league should wait until the Cats really have to shuffle the deck when construction starts. Actually, I hope when our turn does come, they play the game in Halifax. Nothing against Moncton, but I have friends in Halifax and know where all the pubs are!