Ticats expand Steinauer's role, announce operations staff

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Friday the team’s football operations executive staff for the 2022 Canadian Football League season, led by president of football operations and head coach Orlondo Steinauer, whose role has been expanded by the team.

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So it takes 3 Assistant General Managers to do the GM job most teams accomplish with 1 individual? Yup I know they also have other job titles, but other teams have GMs with other duties. Calgary & Edmonton for examples. Interesting organization. So who gets the final say?

This makes sense now....they had to pay Steinhaur more to get him from leaving the organization....how far over the cap does this put them?

Rather than being negative, congrats to Steinhauer and the Hamilton organization. Even though I am not a Ticats fan, I have seen nothing but respect and positive comments for Orlando and he seems well liked. I know that O’Shea thinks highly of him. I guess the rumours surrounding both him and O’Shea floated immediately before the GC had little substance.

Well , reliable sources are telling me that...

Hamilton has never gone over any cap ever. Period.

Congratulations to Orlondo Steinhaur and the Tiger Cats organization on this move. Not only one of the great players to play in this league and a great coach but as classy as they come. As happy as I was that my team (Blue Bombers) were able to win back to back, a good consolation for me had they lost, would have been losing to another great organization like Hamilton.

About as far over as Calgary is .

Just to keep the record straight! Calgary and John Hugnagel have NEVER exceeded the Cap in either the players or Management CFL imposed Cap.
The Ticats in 2015 exceeded the Cap by $8,939. But the worst offender is the Sask Riders who have exceeded the Cap at least 3 times since it was imposed. The Riders were fined $1 for every $1 over the cap. For example they were fined $87,147 in 2009 . The worst thing about the riders is that the Fans just laughed saying" They would just sell a few more jerseys to make up for the fine" ! IMO I believe that any team over the Cap pay a more significant amount. The present amount is no deterent! And if it is found out that the Team won the Grey Cup by exceeding the cap, that the Cup be taken back and awarded to the losing opponent. In 2007 Sask & Montreal both were over the Cap, and Sask won the cup that year against the Bombers. In 2013 the Riders again exceeded the cap and won the Grey cup against the Ticats

Not even close to how far over Toronto was.

Maybe the Argos were over the Cap, or maybe not. The audit hasn't been done yet! However I can see where you are coming from. Pinball did purchase alot of talent this season for the Argos. But it is possible he negotiated that talent down enough to stay below the cap. Time will tell!

Toronto had more than the alloted number of coaches/operations staff.

They were over the cap.

If Stamps believed in those antics they would still have J'Gared Davis , Don Jackson etc et etc

No doubt about it

Stampederfan speaks from a place of knowledge and truth.....If I was Jim Rome I'd say rack it....

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Made me laugh! Haven't seen a good Jim Rome reference for awhile!

Thankyou....I like to consider myself the #1 entertainer of the CFL Forums

You'll always be #2 to us. :laughing:

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More accurately, #3 in the West!

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Most years over the past 30 ..the Bombers would have killed to be as high as 3rd.. headed back to those days too if they continue inept at developing their own players and QB