Ticats expand partnership with Mark Hominick

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has expanded their innovative partnership with UFC featherweight athlete Mark ‘The Machine’ Hominick.

As part of this expanded partnership, Hominick will host MMA training sessions for Ticats players during the off-season.

For more information: http://www.ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats ... hominick-1

What a barbaric so called sport this ufc is. It's sad to see how Mr. Young has been fooled into bringing a great sport -football- to the cellar of this so called entertainment. Who in their right mind can enjoy a sport -ufc- where the total intent is to physically hurt another human at all costs. I guess we have not evolved much since the days of the Romans.
I'm disappointed Mr. Young.

This is a fantastic move by the ticat's. UFC is the fastest growing sport in the world. UFC 140 will be watched by millions around the world not to mention the repeats on Spike TV. The publicity will be tremendous. Good decision Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Young!

So I take it that you're not a fan of boxing or any type of Martial Arts, then?

Cool!! Does this mean some of our Ticat players will beat the snot out of the opposing players once they receive their MMA training? I'm down with that.

Just watching UFC central on Sportsnet...they have a special on Mark Hominick. He is training with a Ticat sweater. :wink:

Nothing wrong with UFC - we should be teaching it in gym class in schools. Great way of getting fit and a also a too for dealing with the bully problem

I agree wholeheartedly with Ti-Catsrule on this one. This certainly takes away from the fact that the Ticats and the CFL in general are supposed to be family-friendly, which the UFC is definitely not. It truly is amazing to see at what great lengths the CFL and its individual teams will go to in order to get some marketing and public attention. Being a fan of the Ticats, I am also very disappointed in the team for going down this road. I'm really not so sure that I want to bring my kids to a game next season because of this (the stadium isn't very kid-friendly in the first place). I certainly hope that the Ticats reconsider this ill-conceived plan and try a different approach to marketing... one that promotes a family-friendly team and environment. :?

Marshal Arts what a joke. who payed who off to get this legalized in Ontario. Ticats take a giant step backwards on this one. :thdn:

Not family friendly? Am I the only one who remembers being a child and thinking martial arts were awesome? Steven Seagal, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, etc. etc. Those guys were heroes! (Okay, the fighting we saw was choreographed, but they're all trained martial artists.)

Also, am I the only one who finds it a little ironic that fans of football--one of the most violent sports planet, where players are not only allowed but expected to physically assault players on the other team--are complaining about MMA being too violent? This wouldn't be controversial if Hominick were a boxer rather than a MMArtist, and from what I've seen of boxing and modern UFC, it's not significantly more violent than boxing.

You see what you what to see, you see marshal arts.

It's funny how people complain about one thing but not another. I've been to many CFL games. From time to time I see drunken fans stumbling around the stadium and get tossed out for shouting obscenities and being agressive due to excessive alcohol consumpton. Despite this, I see all kinds of beer advertisements around Ivor Wynne and they continue to sell alcohol. Alcohol, when abused, kills people. Drunk drivers, alcohol poisoning, ect.

Why aren't people complaining about this? Does the behaviour I describe create a Family-Friendly environment?

Anything, when abused, can be a bad thing. I take MMA classes 3 days a week in Mississauga. It keeps me in shape, I'm learning many forms of martial arts that are really fun to learn. I'm also making many friends in my classes in the process. There are even a number of kids classes. Who knows, maybe one, heaven forbid, it could save my life.

However, I'm certainly not going to go around assaulting people just for kicks.

What a barbaric so called sport this football is. It's sad to see how Mr. Young has been fooled into bringing a barbaric sport -football- to the cellar of this so called entertainment. Who in their right mind can enjoy a sport -football- where the total outcome is all too often physically hurting another human including all too common devastating brain trauma and injuries. I guess we have not evolved much since the days of the Romans. I'm disappointed Mr. Young.

And the 3 Ninja's lol :slight_smile:

I think mixed Martian arts are awesome.
I'm glad the Ticats are involved.


Great to hear. As far as the naysayers, grow up. These are trained professionals who have to deal with some of the strictest regulatory requirements of any sport. It's certainly safer then hockey which has a history of concussion problems, pucks to the throat and other injuries. If you have every taken even a single Martial arts class, you'd realize just how much emphasis is on responsibility and discipline.

MMA in a young and popular sport, and the CFL needs young fans if it's to continue to succeed. MMA is not human cockfighting, so quit spouting this "sport is barbaric" crap from your rocking chair when you watch a sport where 240lb linemen attempt to routinely annihilate a 200 pound QB or cheer every time there is a fist fight in hockey.

Do the Tiger Cats stop the sponsorship deal with Hominick? He just got knocked out in 17 seconds, whihc makes his 2nd loss in Toronto in two appearances.

Do we want our players learning MMA from a guy that loses in Toronto? lol

Great Canadian guy with tough luck fighting in the UFC in his home country.

8) I thought it was 7 seconds.....not 17 !!!

Solve the bullying problem? Wonderful idea! Just one little problem...What if the bullies become more proficient than their potential victims?
As to teaching it in gym class, my understanding of present day gym classes suggests that even basic sports skills are not taught sufficiently. Just basic fitness is a problem today.

I'm with those who feel that UFC is nothing more than a barbaric activity reminiscent of the Roman gladiators. Skill levels are not the paramount attraction. Violence for the sake of violence is the lure.

Yup, 7 seconds. One punch. Done.