TiCats Exceed 2014 Salary Expenditure Cap

[url=http://cfl.ca/article/8-of-9-teams-under-2014-salary-cap]http://cfl.ca/article/8-of-9-teams-unde ... salary-cap[/url]
TORONTO -- An extensive audit process has confirmed eight of nine teams were under the Canadian Football League’s salary expenditure cap for 2014, the CFL announced today.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats were the only team to exceed the cap. Their total salary expenditure of $5,008,939 was $8,389 over the salary expenditure cap of $5,000,000. They will be penalized one dollar for each dollar they were over the cap for a total fine of $8,389.

“The salary management system was brought into the CFL to provide competitive balance and responsible business practices,? said Michael Copeland, President and Chief Operating Officer of the CFL. “It is clear, with eight of nine teams under the cap, our teams understand that for the continued growth of our league, we have to remain fiscally responsible.?

The salary management system was introduced in 2007.

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The system’s review process includes detailed field audits of all nine clubs twice per year, once during the CFL season and once following its completion. Teams are also required to provide regular updates on compensation levels at the 6-game, 12-game and 18-game point of the season.

Under the provisions set by the league’s Board of Governors, teams are fined one dollar for every dollar they exceed the cap up to $100,000, and two dollars for every dollar they exceed the cap between $100,000 and $300,000, plus the loss of the team’s first round draft pick. Teams are fined three dollars for every dollar they exceed the cap beyond $300,000, and they lose their first two draft selections.

As no team exceeded the cap by more than $100,000 in 2014, the order for the CFL Draft on May 12 is not affected. It remains (barring trade) for the first round:

Round 1

  1. Ottawa
  2. Winnipeg
  3. Toronto
  4. Montreal
  5. B.C.
  6. Saskatchewan
  7. Edmonton
  8. Hamilton
  9. Calgary

WE HAVE WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 9m9 minutes ago
#Ticats issue statement blaming #CFL salary cap overage on "record number" of injuries & 10 all-star bonuses.

The Ti-Cats' fine for 2014 is less than half of the smallest of the fines levied during the previous 7 seasons under the SMS.
In 2007, the Montreal Alouettes were fined $116,570 and forfeited a first-round draft pick after a CFL investigation found that they had exceeded the salary cap by $108,285 during the season.
The Saskatchewan Roughriders were also fined in 2007 ($76,552) for a string of minor breaches in relation to benefit payments to injured players.
In 2008, the Saskatchewan Roughriders were fined $87,147 for exceeding the salary cap by that amount.
In 2009, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers were fined $44,687 for minor breaches in relation to player bonuses.
In 2010, the Saskatchewan Roughriders were fined $26,677 for exceeding the salary cap by that amount.
In 2013, the Saskatchewan Roughriders were fined $17,975 for exceeding the salary cap by that amount.

Dam cheaters, Cat's suck. However has a Argo fan, we should be fined for spending NO money

From now on can we all play within the rules please!

$8400 is pretty paltry in terms of salary cap issues. I can totally understand miscalculating and missing this with the number of guys we've seen the past couple seasons. Incredibly minor violation.

Its called know what you have left to spend, simple as that! Yup. I also know that this is my team and until the CFL starts to take away draft pics or double the fine of how much the team went over this will continue to happen.

Argo T,
Talking about rules, how about Jim Barker playing linesman during a game at RC. Fair is fair and the rules will be broken from time to time. The point is, being over the salary cap from extenduateing circumstances is news from the CFL who has had alot of bad press regarding the officals. I consider this as noteworthy as a nats ............

Guess we also should have anticipated having to pay 10 All-stars. If we weren’t so awesome, we would have been under the cap.

as it is, it’s 0.18% of the overall cap.


This is the same slimy group that has no regard for coaches contracts with other teams...Remember the Chris Jones affair a few years ago....

And you're lecturing us on the rules....that's plenty rich.

I have the same feeling about this that I had last year about Saskatchewan going over: it's not a big deal. In other leagues the penalty is called a luxury tax. To me it makes sense to have this kind of system with a minor penalty for going over a little and then having the penalties accelerate at $100K.

I think his comment was intended as a light-hearted one.

This is something that I just learned about today. I personally think that it's ridiculous that Division and League All-star bonus payments count against the salary cap. One more thing to argue about at the next BOG meeting...

I learned about it last year when the Riders went $18,000 over the cap because of year-end bonuses, including the all-star bonuses. I agree that this should be changed by the league. The way I see it, bonuses mandated by the league should not be counted in the salary for the cap. On the other hand, if a player's contract awards additional bonuses after the season is complete, including extra money for being an all star, then that has to be counted. But perhaps those could be carried into the following year, allowing teams to manage them better?