Ticats' Evans, Lawrence speak on mental health

When two star players from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats were approached about speaking on men’s mental health, the response was immediate.

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Good on them. :+1:
Crucial at this particular time, with the pandemic and the war going on,

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I believe all of us, no matter how strong, are closer than we might realize to some of the issues many face daily. Macho attitudes prevalent in my youth should hopefully fade to a distant memory but frankly redneck attitudes still abound. Men like to be seen as tough & I'm scared to think what price has been paid by those who may have needed help & not got it in the past. Every team needs this dialogue. We all need this dialogue. Mental illness has touched my life from more than one direction.

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Mental illness is a growing concern all over the world. I have read that as many as 40% of the world population suffers from some form of mental illness. I personally suffer from PTSD being a veteran of the war in Afghanistan where I served as a combat engineer.


Thank you for your service.

+1 Not from war, but from other life events. Living undiagnosed for 45 years was the hardest part to take. That's the sad part of PTSD, it hides behind a host of physical symptoms that you chase until someone (in my case it was me) says "maybe there is something else wrong".

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Yes, many only equate PTSD with soldiers, but it can happen to anyone who has experienced a traumatic event. Mine is kinda mild compared to many other soldiers I know, so I count myself lucky.

There is no mild when it comes to PTSD.

When you can look in the mirror and not recognize the guy looking back at you, it's just not good. When you only sleep between 5 am and 9 am, not good. When you have panic attacks in Costco because of all the people, in the middle of Covid, with 15% occupancy, not good.

When your grand niece is having her first birthday party tomorrow and you aren't going because there will be too many people there....

Well, let's call it less severe then. Several of the guys I served with get panic attacks in crowds, where as I simply feel very uncomfortable. I've never once had a panic attack.