Ticats @ Esks Play by Play Thread

Didn’t see one.

Let’s get a big road win.

Absolutely agree. Even if the EE are coming off a bye week, i still think we can take this one without too much trouble. Don’t expect a blowout but a solid win would be perfect!

It will be tough to pull myself away from the suspenseful TOR-CAL game

Those interested in HAM-EDM need to switch to TSN5.

If we can protect Evans, this should be a Ticat win.

Kilgore is in for it against our D. He should be good for at least two picks tonight.

We didn’t have a pick or a sack last week. They’re gonna be hungry.

Ah yes it’s SO riveting!! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile: ;DAnd you know NO lead is safe ;)…unless it’s a Calgary lead against a bottom feeder like the boatmen.

Yup already checked that out - too bad that the schedulers or TSN decided to overlap games this season. Happened about 6 -7 weeks ago with an Argos game too - although I think that one was worth seeing until the end - this one not so much even though Franklin has taken over at QB.

Wondered why they’ve done it a few times. I think all times it was an Edmonton home game.

They should be hungry, get the bad taste out of their mouth from last week. Lets go boys.

Let’s see if we can spoil Ricky Ray’s farewell in Edmonton tonight - not that I have anything against Ricky Ray of course.

Thanks Crash.

Don’t remember who followed up in the last game but I do remember that it was the game when the boatmen got their first win against the Bombers no less. Could have been an Edmonton game - time zone change is only 2 hours for Edmonton or Calgary (or Sask in the summer time) so not enough time to allow a full three hours for an eastern game to be played out without overlapping.
Noticed just before I switched over though that there wasn’t much more than 3 minutes remaining in the Stamps/boatmen game. Some games lately have been finishing up pretty quickly - well under 3 hours.

Just thinking that Dane who was with the team briefly at the end of 2017 might have had a cup of coffee with Kilgore when he had his short stint with the Ticats as a clip board holder a couple of years ago.

Jones with the first completion.

That looked like a VERY LONG one yard the way it was shown on the screen but Watford got it.

Well the EE DL is still looking good - OL is going to have to step it up against them.

No idea why they left Watford in on 1st down. Evans sacked next play

Nice punt, ok d lets get the pick and run it in.

The o-line did not look good one that sack. Seemed to take a three step drop along with Evans.

I was thinking the same thing, but then noticed that the yellow line was about a yard and a half past the first down marker.

Picking up where we left off last week, with 4- man rush easily overpowering our O-line