Ticats Enhance Scouting & Football Ops Staff

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has enhanced its scouting and football operations staff by promoting Danny McManus, Drew Allemang and Shawn Burke.

Visit this link for more info: http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-enh ... -ops-staff

What a year so far for D-Mac, congrats!

Great to see them all advancing with the football ops. I am happiest to see Danny Mac still with this club and he obviously does a good job scouting to get the promotion in the first place.

Danny is the kind of guy that everyone likes and the kind of guy you want representing your team as a scout.

Congratulations to all.

Great news. 8)

This appears to be a glimpse of what our management team may look like when Obie retires. The move to have a Director of Football Operations as well as a General Manager and an Assistant General Manager would be rather top-heavy otherwise.

I'm really glad to see Danny Mac's promotion to have national responsibilities in the US.

It all looks very good to me. Congratulations to all concerned.


New and more deatailed info on all this from Drew Edwards' blog:

"What the Ticats football ops changes mean

I have a story on WR Adam Nicolson's struggle with concussion problems - he won't be back with the Ticats next season - for tomorrow's paper but the news of the day is the changes to Ticats football ops.

While Danny Mac is certainly the biggest name - he moves from southeast regional scout to head scout - it's largely a title bump: his responsibilities and the reporting structure don't change. I still believe that Danny is being groomed as a possible GM and this does nothing to deter that thinking.

Shawn Burke's moves from director of communications and community relations to director of football operations is perhaps the most surprising. Burkie, as he is universally known, has established and/or expanded most of the high profile and highly successful community programs including Cops and Cats, Hage's Heroes, Be Fit and countless others. He's been outstanding in this role.

As director of communications, Burkie has also been one of main points of contact within the organization, along with media relations director Scott McNaughton. While we've had our disagreements from time to time, I've come to genuinely like and respect him over the two-plus years on the beat. We've learned, I think, to trust each other while recognizing the inherent differences in our roles, working to make sure we both got we needed to be successful.

But all of that doesn't quite explain his move to the very different world of football ops. The reasoning, as it's been explained to me, is that he'll bring his business sensibility to the football side - there's a surprising amount of logistics involved in the day-to-day running of a football team - while learning X's and O's as he goes (although he already understands the league very well in my experience.)

A large portion of Burkie's new portfolio comes straight off the very cluttered desk of new Coordinator of Canadian Player Development and Head Canadian Scout Drew Allemang.

This is the move that interests me the most.

The son of former Ticat Marv Allemang, Drew has been handling both the day-to-day operations and much of the Canadian scouting and now he'll get the opportunity to focus on the latter. That will enable him to travel to games to scout in person (he's done much of his work by film) and develop relationships with coaches in the CIS.

By giving Allemang this opportunity, the Ticats are giving the scouting of Canadian talent more emphasis. Given that non-imports make up roughly half the roster and the fact that the pool of Canadian players is exceedingly shallow, I think the Ticats are wise to give this area more attention. Allemang's appointment comes less than a month after the Argos named Ted Goveia - a guy with Hamilton and Burlington connections - as its new director of Canadian scouting. From a quick scan of the football ops of all eight teams, only the Ticats and Argos someone with defined responsibility for Canadian talent."

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/03/what-the-ticats-football-ops-changes-mean.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/ ... -mean.html[/url]

A few of us who go to Practice have had run in with shawn
I don't don't agree with him on some Issues
Over all he a good guy and I respect him
GL in his new Post

nice to addons to football Ops.

Kudos for finally hiring a full time Canadian scout to staff,
it makes so much sense, yet, it's been a long time coming.

It's good Drew Allemang will be out scouting CIS games in person,

developing relationships with CIS coaches and hopefully
getting an advantage over the other teams in the CFL,

IMO, it would better to talk with their coaches on at a practice
rather than when they are under the pressure of game day.

If he is too busy to hit very many campuses, it would be wise
to have a couple part-time scouts going out to do the same.


I remember when Rob Katz sent out every "Tom, Dick and Harry"
who worked for the Tiger Cats in a whole variety of categories

to visit University programs during a late summer bye week

and the feedback he got from the universities was very positive.

Most had never had anyone from the CFL come to visit them.

They felt a degree of recognition they hadn't had before.

Great news! I'm so glad to see Danny as a part of the organization and look forward to seeing him as our GM one day in the future.

Drew Edwards seems to think Danny McManus is being groomed for Obie's job.
Not sure about this.
Usually a team hires an assistant GM who can eventually take over the GM's job. That's what I see with the hiring of Joe Womack.
We are lucky to have Joe and Danny. But I sure hope there will not be an internal fight over who replaces Obie. And where does Marcel go if if wants to move up in the organizational chart?

I think it's a process and that Danny isn't looking at taking over O'Billovich's job until he learns a lot more. He said that he's like to eventually be a GM, but knows that he still has a lot to learn so I don't think it's going to happen in the very near future.

banshee: You are probably right. Maybe they are planning two or three steps ahead.
It's good to see lots of managerial talent available within the organization though.

I know that Danny lived in Canada and particularly in Hamilton during recent times, but has he now returned back to the States thus this position?
Does anyone know.