Ticats, Elks Injury Report: Wilder limited on Tuesday

TORONTO — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Edmonton Elks have shared their first injury reports of the week, ahead of their game on Friday at Tim Hortons Field.

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So the Elks are going with a rookie RB and a Receiver as backup RB plus they are putting in Ford as the starting QB ahead of Arbuckle. What is Chris Jones up to?

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Who the hell knows.... We have a WR playing DE and a QB playing Slotback so........

We will just go with the old Al Davis line "Just win baby..."

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Al Davis never had Kenny Sabler play Slot. :smile:

Well, Jones has a history of changing guys playing positions and succeeding so....

He is one of those guys who caught on to the differences in the Canadian game and I think he does see where guys can play in different spots. I think when he became head coach in Edmonton and saw the non-typical JC Sherritt playing linebacker he realized it's not all size and strength in the Canadian game.

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Yeah that happens in this league. One of our best Centres was a RB conversion (Bob Swift). It takes a coach with imagination to both visualize an alternate position for an athlete AND then find a way to make it work.

Yep. Sherritt was an ultimate example. Him? A Middle line backer? More like a safety or something. But he would get to the gap before the back had a chance to gain momentum and stuff the run. Plus he was quick enough to cover and to be an excellent blitzer.

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I can see Mack III someday switching from rush end at 235 lbs to SAM linebacker if needed. That guy's fast.