Ticats drop QB Colin Kaepernick from neg list

Not surprising


  1. A little bit of good news this week, anyway !!

I must admit, I did not stand while i read this news.

Not sure why this such great news. The guy hasn't broken any laws, as far as I know, and doesn't have a reputation for conduct detrimental to his playing ability. The only things against him are his stand (or lack thereof) against the US government's treatment of blacks, and his abilities as a QB.

I can't speak for the latter, as I don't watch enough NFL to have an opinion, but as for the former, I don't have a problem with what he's done. I don't agree with what he did, but I respect his right to do it. And I don't think signing him would affect the team brand much or at all, although I'm sure the team would have a better idea about that (and is probably paying a lot more attention to those marketing reports now).

Interesting that they've dropped Kaepernick, but kept Manziel on. Is Manziel really that good a (potential) QB?

Manziel is that good
His head is in to it. At this point it appears that it isn't.
Manziel being picked in the 1st round of the NFL draft as a "undersized" compared to typical NFL QBs speaks to his extreme talent.

I agree. We have to stop holding stuff against people. Are we all so perfect?

Well, if he wasn't going to come here anyway, might as well make room for someone else.

I just wanted to see if he'd stand for Oh Canada.

he' s lost 10 of his last 11 games , we already have one of those, and let's cut all the he hasn't broken the law and seems like a good guy stuff and focus on Football. If sports had no bad people in you could probably cut each of the 4 big leagues by a quarter if not more.

Smart move. Don’t want a man with that type of loyalty here.

He's rich, and has played in a Super Bowl. He does not want to come to the CFL. It's the NFL or retirement for him.

His pick spot is meaningless...
We got Bortles who was picked 3rd ...

It's his playing ability and demand for a huge contract keeping him out not him kneeling...that just gave him negative attention