Ticats Draft picks and 2010 Draft

Here is what we have for draft picks
This good year for players and Fact we don't many picks bothers me.
I like to see aleast 4to 5 picks. in a good draft year .

(1) Used last year to take Zac Carlson in the Suplemental Draft.(IMO a Waist of a Pick)
(2) #12 Overall
(3) Toronto has it (AB'3 Deal Well worth the 3rd)
(4) 28th Pick overall
(5) 36th Pick Overall
(6) Toronto has it

so we only have 3 picks in Good Draft Year for players

#12 28 36 we need atleast 1 more pick
I'd like to see a 1st round traded for .

Why is Carlson a waste of a pick? The reason we took him in the supplemental was because if he was in the regular draft, he could have gone #1 overall. Other teams would have taken him in the supplemental draft if we didn't. The fact that we took Carlson last year is a great thing because he's already had a year to learn from coaches and bond with teammates. From that standpoint, he's already way ahead of any other O-Lineman we may have taken in round 1 of this year's draft.

We will get a quality player in the second round. But I think Obie will try to trade up to get Maver. Bauman could be trade bait in that regard, in my opinion. Why else would we have aquired Nicolson in the Rodriguez trade? Plus we signed that receiver from Queens recently, and Matt Carter last year. And we also have Stala, who is clearly going to start.

IMO there better Prospect at OL in this year draft then Carlson
who had real issues adjusting to speed of the CFL Game.
End the year on IR A Compleet waist of a Pick
We had lot Depth at OL
OT Danny Watkins of Baylor and OT John Bender Nevada
IMO are more game ready then Carlson is now.
Carlson has slow Feet Compared to walkins and Bender.

Watkins and Bender will be late round NFL picks who won't see the CFL for a while, if ever. Picking them would be a waste of a pick.

Carlson was probably put on the IR as a salary cap move more than anything else.

The Ticats braintrust okay the Carlson selection last year after watching him work out first hand. I trust their judgement.

Gotta agree with you on all points.

I never really can follow the CFL draft until after the fact because I'm not really sure how 2 gauge who will go where....
You want the best talent but how do you really get any indication of who is interested in the CFL??

In Obie I trust.

If your in To the GM Side of Building a Football team...
Then You learn to understand who is going to be there at the 12 Pick..
he Punter /Kicker from Guelph will go #4 to Calgary (reason they have the Bigger need)
We have there old kicker..
I could see the Ticats Making a Deal after The Draft to Acquire Burke Dales Calgary's Punter.
If the Stamps Get Rob Maver who can do both Jobs well.

I'm happy with either Dales OR Maver so doesn't matter to me.Slightly prefer Maver just for the fact of he can back of Sandro in kicking AND he can punt.

Didn't Dales punch out DeAngelis last season? If it's true, I don't think acquiring Dales would be a good idea.

Yes they did have a Small Fight .. but they later expanded as boys being boys

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Busby/2009/07/30/pf-10312256.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Bu ... 12256.html[/url]
Three days before battling the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the Calgary Stampeders kickers were fighting -- each other.

Before yesterday's practice at McMahon Stadium, Stamps placekicker Sandro DeAngelis and punter Burke Dales let normal bickering escalate into a wrestling match and eventually punches being thrown.

DeAngelis has a cut on his nose and bruises around his eye, while Dales participated in practice with blood on his jersey.

The two good friends -- who joined the team in 2005 together -- laughed it off as nothing more than a "lover's quarrel." 
 "We were wrestling and I scratched my eye and nose a bit. It was just boys being boys," said DeAngelis, who at 5-foot-8, 195-lb., was at a distinct disadvantage in the tale of the tape to the 6-foot-3, 225-lb. Dales.

"This happens all the time in football. We just happened not to have our helmets on. When the other guys do it, they have their helmets on. We were making fun of each just as we do every day.

"Boys being boys. For anybody who's ever had a little brother, you will understand. It's just being stupid. Stupid macho stuff." 

so it was nothing to worry about This would best move Move IMO

Thanks for clarifying. If neither guy has a problem with the other then I say bring Dales in if we can.

With so few draft picks, it seems like signing last year's picks that returned to school should be a priority. Ryan Hinds and Bill McGrath are both worth a look at training camp, especially Hinds. It's also true that Maver isn't the only good punter coming out this year, but he is the best. If he's not available I hope the bring in a Canadian punter, either through the draft or as an undrafted FA.

In this article, Hufnagel confirms, without naming him, that he wants Maver but sounds unsure when to "play his card:"

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Calgary/2010/04/16/13612996-qmi.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 6-qmi.html[/url]

According to a website called NFL Draft Scout, Ryan Hinds (6' 1", 190 lbs, 4.57 40 yard dash) is ranked 117th out of the top 195 cornerbacks eligible for the 2010 NFL Draft. Therefore, unless he can sign as an undrafted free agent with an NFL team, it is probable that he will be at Ticat training camp this year.

[url=http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=103371&draftyear=2010&genpos=CB]http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/ds ... &genpos=CB[/url]

Hinds was named to the 2009 Colonial Athletic Association Academic All Conference Team due to being a starter or important reserve on his team and maintaining a grade point average of at least 3.0 throughout his academic career.

[url=http://www.unhwildcats.com/sports/fball/2009-10/releases/201001290zf76c]http://www.unhwildcats.com/sports/fball ... 01290zf76c[/url]

Remember last year when some of the teams chose to draft by Hinds because he was planning to go to med school...

The Riders are in need of an experienced quarterback. They hold the 2nd and 4th picks in the first round. The Stamps need a kicker( Maver?) and they hold the 5th pick in the first round. Could Obie trade with the Riders in order to draft ahead of the Stamps? Could Tafralis be heading west or will Obie hope that Maver is still around when the Cats pick in the second round?
Sunday's draft at noon on TSN should be very interesting from a Cat viewpoint. Could assets like Hinds or Giguere be involved in trade-up scenarios? Some fans have speculated about Bauman's future. It should be interesting viewing. We'll be lucky to be watching Duane Forde rather than ESPN's Steve Young. The man never shut up during the NFL draft. It would have been nice to hear what Tom Jackson or "Boomer" had to say rather than Young's audition tape for the VIEW. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7 )

Pat, I would be shocked if Obie didn't try to deal with Saskatchewan to get a pick ahead of Calgary to get Maver. But I don't think the Riders would want Tafralis. I think they would be looking for a starting rush end to replace Chick or Baggs. Maybe we could deal Hickman or Long, and Garret McIntyre could take their starting spot. I would hate to lose Hickman or Long, but we need Maver, and McIntyre can play.

A defensive end to get a punter? That would be completely moronic to do such a trade.

So you give up a starter for a draft pick and draft day comes and Toronto grabs Maver with their first pick... Anyway giving up a starting rush end with 10 sacks or 50 tackles is not the way to go. These two guys should have breakout seasons imo.

Ticats don't need Maver anyway, they have the best place kicker in the league, they need a punter.