Ticats don't want Omarr Morgan

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Obie thinks Gordon and Bradley are good enough to be Hamilton's starting corners in 08.

Didn't Obie say a few weeks ago that we had to get better in the secondary? I guess he thinks his additions of Jermaine Mays and Chris Thompson filled all the holes there. I guess Mays and Thompson (or those three DB's Obie brought over from BC) will be our new halfbacks?

Quoting Kenny.

Westward Ho

'[i]...O'Billovich said it remained unlikely that
they would sign veteran cornerback Omarr Morgan,
who was released this week by the Eskimos.

The GM said he likes Lawrence Gordon
and Jykine Bradley on the corners.

Morgan is 32 and might be a little long in the tooth.

And if they were interested, it wouldn't be for the $140,000
Morgan reportedly earned in Edmonton last season.[/i]'

IMO, if we were an established team
and we needed to solidify our defence
to make us Grey Cup contenders

a proven 32 yr old vet, like Omar,
would be an attractive asset to have

but he is not what this team needs
even if he took a huge pay cut.

I agree with Obie...

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Interesting... hopefully he does not turn out to be the one that got away. Gordon and Bradley are great players but they are young and still need some vetern leadership around the locker room to teach them a few tricks. I support the decision there might be other options available. I guess we will have to wait and see.

I don't know if Agree with this .
Our Secondary is really young .
hell are d is young

But that Obie and Chariles call.
Who am I to question it.

I'm confident that Bradley -- at this point -- is better than Morgan.

i find it interesting Peg wants Chang. I would love to see us get something for him.

I think they have a better chance of picking up Marcus Crandell or Drew Tate. In my mind they would have to offer something pretty decent.

Yeah, I'd take Gordon and Bradley over a 32 year old Morgan any day.

Just hope I dont hear everyone complaining about our DBs this year.

your in love eh.

The only ones I really had concerns about were Roberts and especially Wayne Shaw.

I think the DBs will be fine given Creehan running the D, and an adequate pass rush.

Adequate pass rush will be the key. I don't care how good or bad your DBs are, if you have next to no pass rush, your secondary is going to look bad. CFL QBs are capable of picking apart just about any defence if they have the time. So the key is not to give them that time.

Morgan ended up signing with the Roughriders. I could have dealt with him being on any other team. Oh well. Makes the July 12th game one that I am looking forward to that much more.

We don't have a Good DL so where will our Rush Be
Again Worst in the league.
We are Weak at DT and One DE Spot.
I see no Improvement there at all

You do understand it is March, right? All it takes is a couple DL player announcements.